Interview in Washington Post with Kaspersky Rep

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    There is a very long interview in Today's Washington Post with Chris Doggett, North American managing director of Kaspersky Lab. I know it's not, but I found the following excerpt kinda funny. Maybe I find it funny cuz it's so outrageous:

    ......"In this past year we saw just how deeply these guys can get into the systems. For example, there was a major operation that we saw in Eastern Europe, "Tyupkin," which involved ATM attacks. These guys were basically able to upload malware to ATMs and then send mules into this ATM network and have them walk up to a machine at a prescribed time and enter a code that would bring up a management console that would show them how much money was in each cassette in the ATM. And they could select to dump the cash out of that cassette right into their hands,......."

    Full Interview about Cypercrime:
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