Internet Cache wipe speed slower in PES, what's your results?

Discussion in 'Other Acronis Products' started by dscrap, Jan 31, 2006.

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    Nov 3, 2004
    Since my upgrade to PES I have noticed that internet cache clean-up takes a lot longer than it did in 8.0.

    In PES 8.0 I used Bruce Schneier for the data destruction method. In 9.0 I had to choose a lesser destruction method for speed reasons. In 8.0 clean-up took under 2 minutes at the BS (Bruce Schneier) setting. In 9.0 I changed it to German Standard decreasing the overwrites from 7 to 3 and it still takes a considerably longer amount of time to wipe.

    I would say in PES 9.0 it takes 4-5 minutes per 1000 cached items. There are no huge files in the cache either, just normal browsing files... In PES 8.0 the entire cleanup took less than 2 minutes at the BS setting.

    What type of results are the rest of you getting with Please list your system configuration as follows...

    4-5 min / 1000; Win XP Pro SP2; Internet Explorer 6.0.2900.2180; P4 650 @ 3.4 GHz; 2 GB PC2-4300 Memory; German Standard Data Destruction

    The following images are from CPU-Z which can be downloaded free at

    The images were created by hitting "Alt+Prt Screen" on the keyboard to copy the window image to the clipboard and then openening a graphics program and pasting the image from the clipboard to a new image file.

    The images are hosted free at by uploading the image and then copying the image direct link and then pasting it into the forum post by pressing the Insert Image button from the toolbar.
    Internet Cache only Clean-up with 1200 cached items at German Standard... Using Bruce Schneier the time jumps to 9 minutes with about 1100 cached items left.

    The next 2 images are from PES 8.0.0789 on the exact same system...
    This shows the number of items in the cache...
    This shows the time for the wipe using the Bruce Schneier Data Destruction method. The timer started at 2 minutes, but it quickly jumped to less than 1 minute taking less than a minute to complete... With PES 9.0 the same clean-up taks 8-10 minutes if not slightly longer.

    Entire PC Cleanup (a feature missing from 9.0 except in scheduling) wipes both the internet and system modules and all of the items combined there in. I used Entire PC Cleanup including all modules except hard drive free space and it completed in 3 min and 35 seconds. This included 1300 internet cached items and 60 mb of files in the recycle bin using the Bruce Schneier Data Destruction method in PES

    I personally am going back to 8.0. The only feature that I feel is missing in 8.0 that was found in I believe PES 7.0 is the ability to exclude files from a wipe by adding them to a safe list, ie. cookies or downloaded components. This feature would make PES the best put out thus far. I do not use the spyware sheild, but do use the popup blocker which I like better in 8.0 because it has a tray icon also missing in 9.0. For spyware removal, I use the widely popular Ad-Aware and Spybot. Both of which are free.
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