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Discussion in 'other software & services' started by lodore, Jan 9, 2008.

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    Jun 22, 2006
    today i turned on my pc and it wanted to run a chkdisc on C: it fixed some errors and continued to boot.
    i thought to myself today would be the day to dual boot windows 2000 pro.
    i had vista boot pro 2.1.0 the windows 2000 compatible version since when windows 2000 pro is installed it messes up the vista bootloader.

    once windows 2000 had installed and reboot for the first time it wanted to run a chkdisc on F: thats my data partition.
    it said something about adding index $0 to file 25 about 9999 times.
    once that had done it decided to tell me that all the secuirity ID on like 8000 files on f: were wrong and will be returned to default value. it finished the install of windows 2000 pro after that.

    to start with i installed SP4 and rebooted.

    then i tryed to install dotnetfix(2.0) but it needed windows installer 3.0 so i tryed to install the wireless network card. the installer locked up.
    so i inserted the motherboard disc and clicked on the auto install button.
    it locked up. so i just installed it manualy using disvice manager update driver.
    i then installed the asus utility for configing the device. worked fine.
    to shorten this a bit in the end internet explorer crashed every time i opened it even when i updated it to version 6.
    btw i couldnt install any display driver eiether it crashed.
    in the end i just installed vista boot pro 2.1.0 and made vista be on the boot menu again.
    i had to use admin rights in vista to gain access to my data partition again.

    its lucky i know windows 2000 pro is normaly the most stable and most reliable OS MS ever made.
    the chkdisc on f: could of been caused by the ID identifiers created by kaspersky 7.0 125.
    this is not a rant this is just telling you my experience.
    since windows 2000 pro is no longer on the bootloader i will most likely just delete the contents of the partitions its on.
    i managed to repair my recycle bin on f:
    thanks for reading.
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