Interesting posting from Eric Howes about Spyware and the FTC

Discussion in 'privacy general' started by FanJ, Mar 30, 2004.

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    I'm not sure whether this was already posted here at Wilders.

    Very interesting posting from Eric Howes (eburger6:cool: about Spyware and the FTC !!!




    What I Told the FTC about Spyware...

    Hi All:

    We've talked about the upcoming workshop on spyware being hosted by the FTC:

    »Tired of being hijacked? TELL the FTC!
    »Telling the FTC About Spyware: A Few Tips...
    » Goes to the FTC

    I've finally submitted my comments on the problem of spyware. You can download these comments and supporting documents in PDF format. That PDF document contains three documents: my comments themselves as well as two supporting documents:

    Comments to the FTC (w/ supporting documents)
    >> (1863 kb)

    Since one of the docs is rather large, I've also split them up for those who might want to view them one-by-one:

    Comments to the FTC
    » (53 kb)

    Junkware: A New Name for Spyware
    » (29 kb)

    The Anatomy of a Drive-by-Download
    » (1782 kb)

    The FTC is still taking comments from the public on this topic, and I would encourage folks to take a bit of time and tell the FTC about a problem that we deal with here every day. See the link on this page for submitting comments:


    Of course, I'm always happy to answers questions about, comments on, or criticisms of the documents that I submitted to the FTC.


    Eric L. Howes
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