intenet conflicting with NOD32

Discussion in 'NOD32 version 2 Forum' started by Anthony Andrews, Feb 23, 2004.

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  1. Hi every body,
    ooooooo I just can't get get to the point (SORRY A FEEL A LILLTLE RATTLLED BUT IM SURE ILL GET THERE......1 more boubane...1 more scouth.... and 1 beeer...yeahhhhhh.

    so my prob i have it i cant ran thenod32 systems to launch a updates for me. I tried formating the system twice by the way. After a full format of my drive and reinstalationof just what we kneed..... I need to work outhow to get amon or nod32 to hookupto the ne so it can downmlload the latestviruss the big problem beetween beig abbso;lutly smasmed.... ple...any soggustuners too hell me please i could with som,he as i found thiskeyboardinthe scxrubThanx felleersbye

    se hyou all do such a woundelful work soaow out a crioppleddrunckof dr
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    Very funny. (Not really.)

    Is this your post as well:

    Try again later. Or wait for more responses in the threads where this same issue was raised.
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