installing V10 after removing V9--but it burns to a disk.

Discussion in 'Paragon Partition Manager Product Line' started by robertpri, Nov 7, 2009.

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  1. robertpri

    robertpri Registered Member

    Dec 21, 2005
    I have Ver 9 Pro and nothing but problems trying to merge partitions in Windows 7, 64 bit. I went to my account and saw that I had bought V10 Pro some time back. [during the upgrade from Vista to Win 7, I lost a lot of software]

    So I uninstalled V9 and then downloaded V10 Pro from my account. I checked my email and have a receipt for the purchase.

    But when I run V10 Pro, instead of installing, it burns an image to a disk.

    Okay, I did that, but what now? Why didn't I get a PM program to open?

    Am I supposed to boot to this new DVD and, what, install something?

    Very confusing.
  2. SIW2

    SIW2 Registered Member

    Sep 6, 2009
    Hello Robert,

    Nice to see again.

    It seems you downloaded the bootable recovery disc. You would use that to get the functions of PM10 in bootable form.

    There is a separate download for the actual program installer.

    It should be on your Account available for download.

    Top one will be 32 bit installer - 2nd one is 64 bit installer, and the 3rd one down is the recovery cd - which you already downloaded.


    Hope it helps.
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