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Discussion in 'Trojan Defence Suite' started by PaRaNoiD_JaCK, Aug 23, 2004.

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  1. Im making an unattended install disk for XP and would like to have TDS-3, Port Explorer, Worm Guard and Process Gaurd install silently. Is there any methods that can be used to do this.

    I dont really want to use an autoit script to do that.

  2. Devinco

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    Jul 2, 2004
    Hi PaRaNoiD_JaCK,

    As I learned here: Installing XP into a non default directory, what you want may be possible with Winnt.exe installation switches or even with

    XP unattended install.

    For Winnt.exe switches, look at these:
    Specifies an optional folder to be installed. The folder remains after Setup finishes.
    Specifies a command to be carried out just before the final phase of Setup.

    For making the unattended script, follow the link and see if there is something there. Usually anything you can do with the command line switches can be done in an unattended script. You will just have to find it.
    But (with a script) even if you are able to copy a folder with DCS software and launch the DCS setup program (after XP setup), I don't think you can unattended install them.
    I guess DCS would have to answer if each of their programs has an unattended install mode (maybe with command line switches).

    Hope this Helps

    P.S. If you do figure it out, please post the unattended XP install script so we can all benefit. ;)
  3. Hi. Thanks for the quick reply.

    I dont think there is a way to do it silently without using an automated script now after looking at the links. I was hoping what diamond used to package their products would allow a silent switch.

    I`ll try making something with autoit now.

  4. Hi,

    To install Port Explorer, TDS-3 and process guard use this these switches to install silently.


    This will reboot the machine after its done. Im sure that theres a switch to stop the reboot. Could be some of these:


    Anyway if you use the RunOnceEx method it`ll restart from the where it left off.

    Wormguard use`s an older installer where no switches are available but im sure I can make a msi installer from it by using WinINSTALL LE.
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