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Discussion in 'Other Ghost Security Software' started by justT3sting, Jan 2, 2006.

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  1. justT3sting

    justT3sting Guest


    I have been testing your product today with w2k3se installed in vmware 4.5. So far I am able to install via Remote Desktop and it not lock myself out. I notice though in the default ruleset that 10.0.** and 192.*.*.* are allowed in/out=all.

    So my question is if I install GhostWall via RDP to a server that is not on my LAN will I be locked out of RDP? If so, is there a way to use a different default ruleset upon installtion so that all in/out traffic is allowed? (Well, at least 3389-in/Any-out TCP).

    Also, is it possible to run GhostWall as a login service? What ACL's are recommended if this is the case?

    Thanks, and great firewall.
  2. justT3esting

    justT3esting Guest

    Ok, GhostWall definitely looks like a winner. So, instead of waiting for someone to tell me how to do what I need to know, I just did this instead:

    1) Installed AI Builder on clean w2k3SP1+Updates VMWare 4.5 Machine
    Note: The workstation is configured as BridgedInterface/StaticIP
    2) Stopped/Disabled the Windows ICF Service
    3) Took a VMWare Snapshot
    4) Started AI Snapshot; Set to watch "ghostwall_setup.exe"
    5) Installed GhostWall from the orginal setup file.
    6) Added this rule to GhostWall:

    Allow TCP Inbound, local_ip=any, port=3389, remote_ip=any, port=any

    7) Moved the rule up to Rule#2
    8 ) Removed all DHCP and LAN rules
    9) Compared the Snapshot
    10) Modified the Snapshot by removing all of the trash HKCU\MRU reg entries.
    11) Compiled the installer as GhostWall.exe
    12) Moved the new custom installer to a local network drive.
    13) Restored the VMWare snapshot
    14) Logged in with MSTSC
    15) Connected to network drive and copied new GhostWall.exe (AI Package)
    16) Executed setup: Was prompted for reboot and I rebooted
    17) Waited about 2-3 minutes and connected with MSTSC Successfully!

    So there you have it folks. I still have to test with a remote server to be certain this works, but seems to be ok so far. No errors in any Event Logs that I can see. If something comes up I will post it.

    Thank you so much Ghost Security for what appears to be a very nice, completely FREE, working product.
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