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  1. bubs

    bubs Registered Member

    Apr 28, 2002
    Suffolk, England
    Some of you may be aware that there is a bit of noise going on on another BB.........

    I'm considering TDS or TrojanHunter for my A-T scanner, and found at the TH forum that sbdy had put the very sensible question
    'OK guys, why should I buy your product'.  He got some very instructive feedback.

    Having found lots of anti-TDS, pro-TH stuff on a 'neutral' forum, I put the question 'Why buy TDS? - Please tell me!' there (have also posted the same question here).

    If apologies are due  for having (unknowingly) started WW3  :eek: :oops:, then please accept same!

    Got some good feedback too from the grownups! :D

    thanks also to Spy1 for his time and trouble off-line. :cool:
  2. Jooske

    Jooske Registered Member

    Feb 12, 2002
    Netherlands, EU near the sea
    I've seen the postings yes, and don't worry.
    We are used to it and be asured the TDS operators stand all around DCS. We have a dutch saying "High trees catch much wind."
    Their software is remarkable well and even better in the next version, not to say revolutionair (so the people can practise with that WW3 :) already).
    Even in the worst flaming threads the people did write too they all like Wayne as a person very much.
    And he knows what he is building and talking about.

    My experience with support is very fine.
    The email and two whole forums, where also other operators jump in to help and find solutions together, gut always under the guiding eyes of DCS.
    They go far beyond their own software, although i should not promote that part of course (busy enough already) .. I ever found them searching for protection when my system was badly hacked, i did not know a thing and was to buy a new motherboard, hard disc, lost about all my data and programs, etc.
    Even the emotional support was there and advice and courage to build it all again and much better protected and between the lines lots of system info, so even MS asked me if i did not feel for working on their helpdesk.
    Several times i found alerts in files other scanners had not reacted on at all, which did contain code patterns indeed, etc.
    Because of TDS i finally learn some scripting which i add to the system for my fun or practicle use and the smart guys make the more serious protective scripts.
    I like their ways of doing business, taking the customers serious as a person.
    What i also like a lot is the humor, the family feeling, operators supporting each other and how my knowledge in this area has grown rather fast.
    Start up TDS and listen to the friendly greetings and read the tips, you see the humor and kindness.

    DCS listens to their operators in many ways and as much as possible. I ever said i like to contribute to the support and see me now here as a mod as far as my knowledge goes, and you've seen others jump in here too.

    Long ago, "before TDS" i have looked around more and after i did look a few times at other programs, but for some reasons i feel so much better and complete with TDS, that even if they would give it to me for free (the others i mean) i would not change.
    Think in fact if another company was behind this very advanced "tool" the price would be a manyfold.
  3. root

    root Registered Member

    Feb 19, 2002
    Missouri, USA
    Hi bubs. I am familiar with what's going on with the other BB and it's sad.
    People like or dislike programs for various reasons. I try to judge a program on its merits. Does it do the job it says it does? Does it do the job better than its competition? Is it priced fairly, in that can I get adequate protection from another program for a lot less moola? Do I need the program? Etc. Etc.
    I purchased TDS3. I feel it is an excellent program. Comparing it to BOClean and Trojan hunter is difficult as they do not all do the same thing.
    The technology that the bad guys are using is getting more and more sophisticated. TDS is a very sophiticated program to deal with that. I can find no other program that looks for malware in so many different ways. By the way. It catches trojans quite well.
    There are people around with opinions and there are people around with attitudes. I don't mind listening to someones opinion and experience. I try to stay away from the people with attitudes. Never learn anything from them. You are not starting WW3 in asking for opinions and clarification.
    There are a lot of websites that deal with security. I am in the process of building one myself. You might be surprised at what google will turn up by asking questions in several different ways. That way you can make up your own mind based on knowlege and not based on someone elses opinion. I like to get input from all the testing and evaluation sites I can find.
    May peace rule in all the land. :)
  4. Jooske

    Jooske Registered Member

    Feb 12, 2002
    Netherlands, EU near the sea
    I just continue being creative but in my scripting i changed the sophisticated Genie in the last one for Wartnose as he is green, a bit rough and Aussie, and explodes, etc. The script i'm working on is called Frog.SS3 (that's green as well in most cases, isn't it?)and too large to be run in trial TDS versions.
    So just be happy and creative and ask the questions you like, no need for holding back!
    Happy trialing in the meantime!
  5. Gavin - DiamondCS

    Gavin - DiamondCS Former DCS Moderator

    Feb 10, 2002
    Perth, Western Australia
    We also have a lot more trojans and detection methods not available in other programs. More trojans and better memory signatures means more variants of old trojans detected.

    There is also the matter of highly advanced generic detection both in file scanning and memory scanning, and add on top of that the latest additions in generic file scanning. We have added a programmable module to TDS that we have been updating, and we have generic detection that works fabulously on common trojan families, including but not limited to :

    Back Orifice 2000
    SubSeven 2.1x
    SubSeven 2.2x

    And notably

    Bionet 3.x
    Bionet 4.x
    Optix Pro 1.x

    This is a file scanning module, and works on these trojans even when compressed with a huge variety of packers. In fact, it should work on packers that haven't even been created yet, as well as detecting unreleased builds of these trojan servers. That is something we are very proud of, showing the results of years of analysis and experiece with trojans :)
  6. Ice_Czar

    Ice_Czar Registered Member

    May 21, 2002
    Boulder Colorado
    Im not qualified to address the comparitive value of
    TDS-3 vs TrojanHunter, In fact TDS-3 hasnt caught anything for me yet (other than a few suspicious filenames)

    But I AM a licenced operator and I CAN address the customer support that is available,

    Its simply the Best Ive ever come acrross. And the features of the program seem to me to be unequaled.
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