Inherent CD Boot Problem on Dell Dimension 8200 ?

Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by c84032002, May 21, 2006.

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  1. c84032002

    c84032002 Registered Member

    May 21, 2006
    I installed True Image v. 9 on my Dell Dimension 8200 running XP Pro. After making a full backup I tried making a boot CD using "Create Bootable Rescue Media". But when I directed the PC to boot from the CD after a restart it didn't happen. It fell thru to the "next" option and booted from the hard disk as usual.

    Does anyone know if this is a particular problem with the Dell PCs? I noticed that Dell configured the PC with a small secondary partition for its own purposes. Some Compaq boxes used to do that too and it made full system restores trickier.

    I don't want to be lowered to the 6 diskette boot media approach that Microsoft seems to want Windows users to follow. And I blew 2 hours stepping thru some complex directions on a web site devoted to making an XP boot CD with Service Pack downloads and split-streaming, etc.
  2. jmk94903

    jmk94903 Registered Member

    Jul 10, 2004
    San Rafael, CA
    I've booted an 8200 from the TI Recovery CD, so I don't think it's an inherent problem.

    What is the device boot order set in the BIOS? Unless the CD/DVD drive is set ahead of the hard drive, you won't boot from the CD.
  3. Acronis Support

    Acronis Support Acronis Support Staff

    Apr 28, 2004
    Hello c84032002,

    Thank you for choosing Acronis Disk Backup Software.

    Please accept our apologies for the delay with the response.

    Please note that, as jmk94903 said, in order to boot your computer from Acronis True Image 9.0 Home Bootable CD you BIOS setting should set to boot from the CD/DVD drive first.

    If your BIOS settings set up properly please try to recreate Acronis True Image 9.0 Home Bootable CD. Please make sure that you are using a blank unformatted CD-R or CD-RW disc, as other types of media cannot be used to create a bootable rescue CD.

    Thank you.
    Aleksandr Isakov
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