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  1. Comp01

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    Sep 4, 2003
    I'm running a scan of my PC (Clean install of windows by the way, everything I have is clean on this PC, same installers and programs that I used for my last PC) anyways I was scanning with Dr. Web's CureIT program, it finds in one of my system restore folders (which I have system restore disabled so) 2 files and identifies as Trojan.Keylogger.1328, I can't copy the exact paths right now but its C:\System Volume Information\_restore - then one of the restore folders there, anyways, the two files are A0000231.dll and A0002408.exe, am I really infected with something? It also found unregmp2.exe as the same thing as well in C:\WINDOWS\$NtServicePackUninstall$\unregmp2.exe - I uploaded that file and nothing, I also have system restore disabled, so how?
  2. ASpace

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    It might be false positive of DrWeb , wrong alarm . Even if you had been infected , it is in the Restore point only , it is not active .

    Perform free online scan with ESET Online scanner

    1. Visit ESET online scanner's webpage
    2. Follow the instructions to start the scan and later approve the install of the required ActiveX Control (Internet Explorer required)
    3. After all files and updates are downloaded choose to "Remove found threats" and to scan for potentially unwanted/unsafe software
    4. Start the scan
    5. Revise the scan results afterwards
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