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    Oct 24, 2010
    Disclaimer: I am not affiliated in anyway with the following software which I have tested and reviewed. Nor do I receive any compensation for this review. My intentions are to aid and help the members choose on their own and add their own input on this software.
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EMailTrackerPro is an easy to use tool for analyzing email headers to disclose the original sender's (or spammer's) location. You can also send spam complaints correctly and easily with EMailTrackerPro. What I found to be impressive is the in-dept on line help that is provided by the developer. For those of us that are not familiar with tracking email messages,or spammers, EmailTrackerPro provides a step by step instructions on what to look for and what to be cautious about when analyzing the emails sent to us.
    1.) The main GUI is direct and clean cut. You have 4 initial choices.
    a. Trace a email
    b. look up network responsible for a email address
    c. view my inbox
    D. view previous traces.
    What is very helpful on the right of the main GUI are help and links which at a click will give you step by step instructions on how to set up email accounts,how to setup rules for emails,how to import settings and more options to choose from.
    2.) The information provided by EmailTrackerPro is very in-depth with a wealth of information to help you determine the origin of the sender. When a trace is started and completed the following information is provided.
    a. Hop IP - Hop Name - Location and visual map of the origin point
    b. Email Summary - Subject and Location along with system information
    c. Network WhoIs - Which provides name,address,postal code and country
    d. DomainWho Is - If found will provide the proper domain name.
    3.) EmailTrackerPro provides a updater from their database, which is important to keep updated on the changes and locations as they happen. As emails get older IP's change locations can change.
    4.). Spam filtering is another important area to deal with. EmailTRackerPro Works with any email application that allows POP access. This includes hotmail, gmail etc.. You have the option to setup a email account.
    5.) EmailTracker Pro comes in (2) version standard and Advanced. Your choice as to how much features you need or want, your choice. There are numerous other features that you can review and try out which I have not gone into.

    **Note** I have been working with this software on my inbox emails, and tracking the senders with EmailTRackerPro. Let me say this EmailTrackerPro in my opinion is a remarkable piece of software....... but the choice is yours. Your input and opinions are welcomed and appreciated. Let me make (1) recommendation, if you decided to try it please read the online help file and use the tutorials before hand, it wll give you a good understanding how to use this software properly and make it very easy to work with. Here is their web site for your convenience.

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