Import Settings corruption of Firewall Rules and Zones

Discussion in 'ESET Smart Security' started by pegr, Apr 8, 2008.

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    Apr 8, 2008
    Import Settings causes firewall rules to be corrupted where the rules are associated with zones and the zone id's are no longer strictly in sequence and contiguous within the XML (i.e. there are gaps in the zone id's).

    The zones themselves get imported correctly but the firewall rules can get associated with the wrong zones. The following example will illustrate what happens when there are gaps in the zone id's:

    Let's assume a firewall rule is associated with Zone Id "3" where the following zones exist:

    Zone Id "1" exists with a description ABC
    Zone Id "3" exists with a description DEF
    Zone Id "4" exists with a description GHI

    There is a gap as Zone Id "2" has been deleted and no longer exists.

    Prior to importing the settings, the firewall rule will correctly be associated with zone DEF. After deleting all of the rules and zones then importing the settings from the exported XML file, the rule will be recreated but incorrectly associated with zone GHI.

    What has happened is that zone number 3 in the list (Zone Id "4") has been associated with the rule and not Zone Id "3". Import Settings only works correctly if there are no gaps, so that the position of each zone in the XML corresponds with its Zone Id.

    I recently uninstalled and reinstalled ESS. After importing my settings, several of my firewall rules associated with zones were corrupted in the manner described above.

    This bug has existed since the ESS betas and has still not been fixed in the latest version 3.0.650.0. Hopefully ESET will get round to fixing this in the near future.
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