IFW - Differential Failure

Discussion in 'backup, imaging & disk mgmt' started by puff-m-d, Dec 8, 2011.

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  1. Scott W

    Scott W Registered Member

    Sep 21, 2008

    I am befuddled as to why I have those cold-imaging issues with IFW. Perhaps those occurences are hardware-dependent. While I don't know that for sure, it is what it is, and I'd rather switch (to DS) than struggle with it and DS does a perfect job for me (normal/raw, cold/hot) without any issues whatsoever.

    Insofar as any DS partition-imaging limitation is concerned, I have no need to image partitions other than C: as I prefer to use file-backup/syncing for my data, etc.

  2. Brian K

    Brian K Imaging Specialist

    Jan 28, 2005
    NSW, Australia

    I just ran Panagiotis' test. Same results. No PHYLock warning. Base and diff raw partition images created.

    Edit... This doesn't contradict the comment from TeraByte Support. He was referring to entire drive images.

    Edit... Scott, I just ran an entire drive raw image. I did get the PHYLock warning about C: drive not being locked. When I tried to do the differential raw image I got the warning about Unable to determine source drive. Were you by any chance choosing an entire drive image rather than a partition image? I assume not as you said you were only interested in imaging the C: drive.

    Panagiotis, could you try to do an entire drive raw image from Active@? I don't mean actually create the image but just see if it gives you the PHYLock warning.

    Edit... Another variable. I've been running my Active@ from a HD partition. I thought I'd better try a CD to be compatible with what you guys are doing. Using a CD I don't get a PHYLock warning when I attempt an entire drive raw image.
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