if you cannot reload an image try this

Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by neil conway, Jun 1, 2005.

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  1. neil conway

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    May 30, 2005
    if you can't get boot rescue media to work try this

    so you can make an image through windows TI 8 but the rescue media after alot of hassle is pronounced useless by acronis support, because it doesn't support your hardware yet. so your stuck, you can spend hours looking for a new product and buy it and hope it works, shout or drink alot or just wait an eternity for acronis rescue media to support your hardware, but it could all be in vain. so I resorted to the following cos it works everytime for my pc and it might work for yours. it took 45 mins to set up and was worth every second.

    you need a minimum of 2 partitions or drives connected to your pc. the first will have your o/s on it,the second must have room for an identical o/s plus any hardware drivers and TI 8, plus your images if your not using secure zone.
    I have a c, d and e drive, so I use the 20 gig 'e' drive to put everything on.

    by acronis's admission TI 8 supports all hardware through its windows based programme providing the windows drivers are there to run the hardware. so if that can be used to create an image then the reverse should be true.
    if you have a second o/s system on pc not on primary drive you could use it to restore the primary drive using TI 8 through the secondary o/s.

    this is for xp but should work for any if your loading an identical o/s to the first, it is for a stable system that you are not looking to restore yet as you will need a backup copy of the primary drive as image 1 after its all finished, so all previous images will be void. this is to maintain the boot up link between the 2 o/s in the event of a restore, however you can load a previous image this way, but you will need to over write the second o/s using windows install again to put the link back, then make image 1 as before

    1. reboot pc with o/s disk in it and bios set to boot off rom drive and select to boot from cd rom when prompted
    2. select to install any third party drivers if you need to install them and continue through windows install. it will tell you you have an o/s already and do you still want to insall a fresh one. you say you do. it will offer you a choice of where to put it. select the partition or drive you are going to use, leave the disk structure as it is, if it is already in use and or formatted the way you want it. and continue the install.
    3.when pc reboots for the last time you will see a screen asking wich o/s you want to use, the top will always be the secondary, the bottom the primary. select the top one and finish booting. you are now in your secondary o/s system.
    4. however you choose to do it, install all your hardware just as you did for your primary o/s. so you should end up with an identical o/s to the primary one. install TI and open it up, you should now be able to create, explore and reload any image from or to the primary drive through TI in this o/s. make a copy of primary drive and treat it as image 1 as said before in order to keep link between 2 o/s all previous images will be void
    5. reboot and select the lower o/s on the list and you will be back in your primary o/s again

    if anybody can refine this to make it a better workaround please feel free.
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