If i delete WMF from file associatiosn will i be protected?

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by dat_dude, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. dat_dude

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  2. Notok

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    May 28, 2004
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    The exploit can be used by JPG files as well, so you would not be completely protected. Is there a reason you can't use the patch?
  3. dat_dude

    dat_dude Guest

    what patch? so if deleted wmf from file assotioaion i'll be half protected? im on Firefox too.
  4. eyes-open

    eyes-open Registered Member

    May 13, 2005
    Hi dat_dude,

    It's often useful to give info about your OS (eg. WindowsXP(SP2) or the version of your browser - eg Firefox 1.5). It helps people to help you :)

    That said - assuming you are up to date with Microsoft security updates - then the problematic function has been nullified - so you are already 'patched'.


    If you are running Firefox 1.5 then it will for some reason try to open .WMF files in Windows Media Player. As this doesn't call up the graphics driver and set off the whole cycle - yet again you should be safe while actually browsing.

    Another useful thing you can do is to go into Internet Explorer>Tools>Internet Options>Security. Under the Globe (Internet) select 'Custom Level' and then go down the list until you see 'Launching programs and files in an IFRAME' set to prompt. This is one route by which the malicious files have been introduced through webpages - without the user having pre-warning.

    I've read in a couple of places where people have chosen to simply disassociate the file, I'm not sure how Windows responds when it then meets such a file. Obviously if it responds with a prompt you will have to be sure to remember why it is needing to prompt - similarly anyone else who uses your pc.

    Another choice that some make is to associate .WMF with something like notepad to derail any malicious intent.

    Cheers eyes-open

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  5. dat_dude

    dat_dude Guest

    nice post.. i did all of the above thnx..

    firefox 1.5 windows xp home
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