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Discussion in 'other security issues & news' started by betzy, Jun 19, 2006.

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  1. betzy

    betzy Registered Member

    Jun 14, 2006
    Scotland United kingdom

    Hi guys
    Am a relative newbee to computing and although i am finding my feet day by day i was directed to a website informing how to tighten up my IE6:D not much needed tweaked ,probs i have now is whenever i go on to a site that has pictures or images the box is empty of images etc, and a little red cross is visable but when i click on it nothing happens, I,ve obviously been a little over zealous :doubt: and i,m not sure how to correct this. I would appreciate any help you could give this poor wee newbee in need of assistance:-* :-*

    From a confused betzyo_O
  2. betauser2

    betauser2 Guest

    arhghh wee lass!

    Have you heard of betausers browser law?

    [i]IE6 Security Tweaking for newbie = Firefox[/i]
    all jokes asisde if your a newbie it's better to start using an alternative browser if you want security, so download firefox

    Once your comfortable, click on get started tab and install NoScript addon

    otherwise other community members will help you out

  3. Meriadoc

    Meriadoc Registered Member

    Mar 28, 2006
    Hi betzy, if I'm using ie I go with this, which is probably more extreme than the site you visited...
    In the Internet Zone I disable everything + prompt user for user name/password
    Then when I'm happy with a site I will put it in the Trusted Zone, still with some permissions locked down with 'prompt.' you should then see the pics unless ie needs repairing.
    If anything you need to look at Active X, Java and I'd say 'Launching files in an IFRAME'
    This thou maybe totally annoying to some, but most sites I visit with ie work with everything disabled.
    In the Privacy tab I select 'override cookie handling,' 'prompt' for first party cookies, 'block' 3rd party cookies, accept session-cookies. Pop-up blocker set to 'High.'
    In the Advanced tab I make sure these are un-ticked...
    Enable install on demand ie AND other.
    Enable 3rd party browser extensions.
    Allow active content to run in files on computer
    Allow active content to run from cds
    Allow software to run/install in signature is invalid
    And these ticked...
    Check for signatures on programs
    Do not save encrypted pages to disk
    Empty Tempory internet files
    Use SSL 2 & 3
    + the 3 Warns at the bottom under TSL 1.0
    Oh yeah, under 'When Searching' I select the 'Just display the results in the main window' radial button.

    May I suggest going here
    and exploring this site, get familiar with what the settings do and mean, scroll down on that page for a Internet Zone setup which is different to diabling everything as I would.

    Going with firefox is good advice.
  4. betzy

    betzy Registered Member

    Jun 14, 2006
    Scotland United kingdom
    Betzy wishes to apologise for not getting back to the forum sooner to thank you guys for your help with my post regarding my IE6 security tweaking :-* betzy was on hols and embarrassed to say quite forgot to check her posts before she wen,t
    away. Likewise when i came back !!! I have indeed followed all advice and set all my settings accordingly visited the links and found the help invaluable. I am interested in firefox and will find out a little bit more and perhaps download once i feel alittle bit more confident about what i,m doing. Your help and advice guys is trully appreciated and for a wee newbee!!:oops: still all at sea and feeling a little insecure it,s good to know that i can have help at the click of a mouse :thumb:

    Betzy wishes to say many thanks to

    Meriadoc and betauser2

    TATA from Scotland!!!! Have a dram on me!!
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