IE & Explorer Freezing problems

Discussion in 'other security issues & news' started by StevieO, Jan 31, 2006.

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    I've started a new thread so people don't automatically think it's just an AX issue and overlook it, as this may apply to them too.

    I was reading snowies thread about some freezing up issues he has, and i also sometimes experience a similar thing, and have maybe found out why.

    Active X Issue

    I too occasionly experience similar freezing of IE etc on a few sites. Sometimes i can CTL/F4 or C/A/D out of it or if that doesn't work kill it via Process Explorer or Starter, if they'll run in this condition, as sometimes i can't launch them. Often they don't solve it so i have to reboot and then everythings back to normal.

    I don't have any ActiveX/Scripting/Java enabled for 99% of the time, and most surfing is just fine. Sometimes MS pops up an AX alert box for AS which os a bit misleading, so it could be that ?

    I found out by accident that if you don't have ddhelp.exe available, then this seems to be either partly or totally connected with the events. I have Winsonar installed and ddhelp.exe wasn't included in my trusted Apps. This because i read somewhere that it could be connected with a potential security hole etc. It hardly ever seems to be required anyway.

    Whilst in this mode earlier on today i visited wilders and Capps thread

    I clicked on the ChatProbe link and i got frozen out, and i get an error saying "IE has encountered a problem and needs to close" This has happened several times before on his site, and as mentioned above, and i did mention it to him a few months ago. At the time there didn't appear to be any explanation as to why it might be, and as far as i know nobody else had said that it happened to them.

    A little later on today i took WS out of "Kill all unknown processes while connected" and into "Fast scan" for a while to do some things. I then went back to the ChatProbe link and at the same time WS popped up an alert asking me if i wanted to include ddhelp.exe in the trusted Apps, if not i could kill it. I allowed it to keep on running and had no problems with the site. Why it happens on that particular site though with ddhelp.exe not running, i still don't know ?

    This may or not be relevent to snowies or your issues, but i thought it's something that he and others might like to be aware of should you encounter something similar.

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