ID Blaster is nice!

Discussion in 'FileChecker & ID-Blaster Forum' started by Straight Shooter, Feb 1, 2003.

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  1. :D
    Hi, just downloaded it, seems very nice...

    2 questions..

    1. How can I make it so ID Blaster is "always on", when I start my computer, to make it run in the system tray, so I can have it change my #'s... every 30 seconds.?

    2. A stupid question here; how can I change all my values to the ones I had before I started using ID Blaster, if I ever decide to uninstall ID Blaster? I have a copy of the original values...on paper...

    What do I do about WMP 6? That doesn't show up in my original values, however, it shows up in ID Blaster?

    Thank You
  2. nameless

    nameless Registered Member

    Feb 23, 2003
    1) Create or copy a shortcut to "C:\Program Files\ID-Blaster Plus\idblasterplus.exe" (or whatever your path to idblasterplus.exe is). Put the new shortcut in your StartUp directory under the Start Menu. The easiest way to accomplish this is to drag and drop from an Explorer window.

    To make ID-Blaster Plus start minimized, and also begin randomizing upon launch (rather than sitting idly), set the appropriate options: From the ID-Blaster Plus main dialog, select Options > General Options, and set all three options therein to "Enabled". Save your settings and close the options dialog.

    Then, on the main ID-Blaster Plus dialog, set the "Randomization Interval" to 30, and click "Begin Randomization!" (or, if the button says "Stop Randomization", don't click the button--it's already doing its thing!).

    2) First, click the "Stop Randomization" button on the main ID-Blaster Plus dialog. Then, from the ID-Blaster Plus dialog, select Edit > Manual Value Change > Manually Edit Win Product ID Values. Then, copy and paste your original values, then save your changes and close.

    I don't quite understand your question regarding WMP6, but in any event I don't think you need to worry about it.
Thread Status:
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