IconPackager 3.0 Released

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    IconPackager 3.0

    Stardock has released IconPackager 3. IconPackager is a program that enables users to change nearly all of their Windows icons in one swoop by applying "packages" of icons. While Windows has long had the ability to change selected icons via "themes", until IconPackager came along, there was no way to change the hundreds of icons that exist throughout Microsoft Windows. For example, IconPackager can change the icons that represent different file types (.JPG, .DOC, .PSD), icons for individual programs, control panel icons, Start menu icons, and much more.

    There are hundreds of icon packages available freely for download on websites such as WinCustomize.com, XPThemes.com, deviantART.com, SkinBase.org, and elsewhere.

    IconPackager 3 adds support for a host of icons found in Windows XP / Windows XP SP2 and for the new icons in the file dialog. In addition, IconPackager 3 has made it much easier to create icon packages with the new "package builder" feature which enables icon designers to see a sheet of all the common icons found on Windows in a single page and the ability to change those icons with a simple drag and drop.

    IconPackager is a free download. An enhanced registered version is also available on its own or as part of Stardock's Object Desktop suite of desktop enhancement utilities. The enhanced version allows users to change any icon on Windows (including programs) right from its properties dialog. Version 3 also has better integration with IconDeveloper, a program that makes it easy to create new icons.

    Screenshot:1 Main Interface
    Screenshot:2 An enhanced desktop
    Screenshot:3 The new package builder
    Download: IconPackager homepage
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