I think Spyware disabled my System Restore.

Discussion in 'adware, spyware & hijack cleaning' started by Shaun, Jul 7, 2004.

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  1. Shaun

    Shaun Registered Member

    Jul 7, 2004
    Hi all. I'm looking for some help.

    Last Friday I was on the internet. I clicked onto a certain page and my Internet Explorer had gotten hijacked. This usually isn't a problem because I have programs to erase the pesky files, but I think some of the spyware had disabled my system restore as a way to make sure it stays in my computer.

    System restore no longer works, and my Internet Explorer freezes up constantly. I had managed to erase some of the spyware but now whenever I start up my computer, an error pops up (because the spyware in my computer cannot find its dll file). It's driving me crazy and I don't know how to get rid of it.

    I was thinking of just reinstalling Windows, but I don't know if that would attempt to fix the problem, and if it did, would the problem that infected my system restore override the reinstall as well?

    Whatever the problem is, it's driving me crazy. Any advice is greatfully appreciated.
  2. IMM

    IMM Spyware Fighter

    May 6, 2004
    Post the scan log from HijackThis
    Unzip it somewhere to keep and run hijackthis.exe - press Scan - the Scan button changes to a Save Log button
    Save, and then copy and paste the entire log here.
    Dont' choose to fix anything yet - most entries will be harmless
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