I can never tell if spybot s&d is actaully doing anything

Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by Your Username:, Jun 30, 2005.

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  1. Whenever I go to update the looks like it's loading but then progress bar hangs, and when i click download updates it looks like its downloading updates but hangs and then a green check comes up, but the progress bar is tell going i click cabcel and it doesnt do anything so i have to exit, and it NEVER tells me when updates are done also if i go to about the latest detection up are june 6?

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  2. bigbuck

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    Jul 7, 2004
    Qld, Aus
    It might be a glitch in the 1.4 build, because it's done it to me a couple of times too. Other versions never did. Anyway, after I cancel, I go back and check update again and it's all up to date. It's just not closing properly...
  3. hadi

    hadi Guest

    Same thing here. in case you go back and won't update again. try another time, aday later. it woks this way 4 me. Also I don’t think the program worth the reputation any more. I use it on daily basis and it’s about 9 months sitting in my system it always salute me with "congratulations, no immediate threat found"
  4. HandsOff

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    Sep 16, 2003
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    Just a couple comments:

    If you are new to the program you may find the download process sort of confusing. First you search for updates. Then iff it finds them you must choose a download source. You can't do this before the updates are found, but it could be important that you pick a download source that works well for your location. If I recall, I was accidentally choosing a source located, of all places, in Australia!?!

    Response to the reputation thing. I get that too...however having the same problem with my anti-trojan and anti-virus. Could it be good news? My opinion, for what it's worth is that the "tools" - including the plug for JavaSofts Spyware blaster, the Hosts file, the activex and bho monitoring, real time protection, and so on really have outpaced the detection and removal. Again, my opinion, this is exactly the direction SSD should be taking. It may not be long before detection and removal become a footnote in security programs, and ways of protecting access and monitoring and protecting processes becomes the main event.

    If it doesn't find anything, and you don't use the other features, and you have better alternatives, I guess you will have uninstalled it by now.

    - HandsOff
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