i am surprised by moderators here!!

Discussion in 'NOD32 version 1 Forum' started by adiel, Jan 30, 2003.

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  1. adiel

    adiel Registered Member

    Jan 29, 2003
    If an ordinary member would have done this..i could understand...but i am surprised by the attitude of the moderators here.

    calling me troll and humilating me to the possible extent..very nice moderators...acting like children...you can't even take some criticism with patience.

    what have i said...did i called any of the person here with such names?someone called me cheap also..any sane person reading these posts could clearly see who is cheap.

    you did'nt liked what i said...you could have simply convinced me.but i believe you have nothing to convince me...rather than those awards.

    tell me.. kaspersky avp has'nt won so much awards..would you call nod32 even better than AVPo_Obecause if you do..i would seriously doubt your sanity........but oh...very sad..they have'nt won much awards..and particularly that famous vb100 award.

    anyway...this is my last post here...just wanted to give my message to moderators that there should be a difference between the behaviours of an ordinary member and a moderator.
  2. Pieter_Arntz

    Pieter_Arntz Spyware Veteran

    Apr 27, 2002
    Hi adiel,

    I´m sorry you feel that way. I think you´re reading things as being directed at you when they weren´t.
    On the other hand, posting like you did, you could have seen some criticism coming.
    What I´ve read was not in conflict with our TOS and therefore there was no reason to remove it.
    I don´t use NOD32 myself and still feel quite at home here.
    I sincerely wish it can be the same for you.


  3. Primrose

    Primrose Registered Member

    Sep 21, 2002
    *LOL* :D You did good there adiel and you had loads of fun..I am a member of this Board also..and many others.. I just wanted to say that if more members and guest had the behaviour of the moderators there would not be any difference.

    Great people here and they can all hold their own. Count on it.

    Thanks for the smiles. Keep you AV updated.

  4. What do you expect from the members, man? Members like myself have been BURNED in the past by other AV's, and forums usually exist for problem solving and idea sharing, not to have someone like you come here and try to tell us all you have done testing and NOD32 doesn't meet your standards...

    You could be "Feinstein in disguise" for all I know...

    Nah, man, you wanna stay mad, go ahead.. I think Virus Bulletin's word carries a little more weight with me, than yours... I speak for no one else but myself...

    I personally tried every av out there myself, but you see, I can't feel comfortable not having the highest rated AV in my system installed and protecting me from the nasties out there.. Oh, by the way, I also have a DEDICATED Trojan detector in my system.. I've been burned by all in ones before...

    Again, the above is MY opinion only...

  5. jmschwartz

    jmschwartz Guest

    Just for the record . . .

    The Moderators here, by in large, are fair and unbiased. And as a former user of Kaspersky Gold, all I can relate is my personal experience with the software: excellent virus detection, but somewhat of a system resource hog (Win XP Pro, 2GHZ P4, 512M RAM, yada yada . . .).

    In fact, I prefer DrWeb32 to Kaspersky, but that's another thread.

    Poka, Adiel.

  6. pokesalad

    pokesalad Guest

    if anything the mods have been as patient as saints.
    where did this ridiculous assumption come from that anyone is entitled to "convincing" ? discussion may lead to convincing but where does it say anyone can demand it?
    frankly I could care less which anti virus a person uses or doesn't use.
    the past couple of days I've noticed some of the most absurd posts I've seen in many a year......even Shooter commented on one "BoZo" who posted at another forum.
    I've shared many posts with the members and mods....we may not have always agreed but it was done peacefully and respectfully.............
  7. rodzilla

    rodzilla Registered Member

    Jun 15, 2002
    > If an ordinary member would have done this..i could understand...but i am surprised by the attitude of the moderators here.

    You came into the NOD32 forum trolling for a reaction by spouting absolute codswallop like .....
    avg,norton,mcafee,nod32,avp,rav,avant,panda,sophos.....and nod32 is last one on my list...ok leave the others....nod32 can't even compete the free edition of avg.avg can detect more virus than nod32

    What reaction did you expect ?

    > anyway...this is my last post here...just wanted to give my message to moderators that there should be a difference between the behaviours of an ordinary member and a moderator.

    There is a difference between the behaviors of an ordinary member and this moderator ... I bite a lot harder ... and if you'd come in here shouting the praises of NOD32 based on a "test" against your pathetic VX CD collection then I would have bitten you just as hard!

    You're entitled to your own opinion ... but many of the members of Wilders Forums are quite knowledgeable about viruses and antivirus software, and if your opinion is based on shonky amateur "test" results which are diametrically opposed to the findings of professional testers then preaching it in here is guaranteed to attract flak.

    If you carry on a sensible debate and have the facts to back up your statements then you'll get a fair reception from me and everyone else ... but if you continue with your script kiddie "virus expert" blathering then you'll just have to wear whatever flak comes your way.

    If you can't handle that ... don't fall down the steps on your way out!
  8. Blackspear

    Blackspear Global Moderator

    Dec 2, 2002
    Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
    Nice bite :D but the all important question, was it tasty :D
  9. sig

    sig Registered Member

    Feb 9, 2002
    Adiel: based on what I've seen in some other official product support forums you would have been regarded as a troll and your threads would have been deleted.

    You did get some reasonable responses between your two threads, but you weren't interested in providing any specific substantive information about your "tests" and you evidently weren't interested in listening to anyone else or engaging in a substantive discussion.

    Others have come here and said, "Hey I tested NOD in this fashion with these bugs and NOD didn't detect them while other AV's did. Why not?" Then there is something to discuss. If you had done that the thread would have taken a different turn and it could have been enlightening for other users.

    Instead you came into Eset's forum asserting that AVG was a better product, etc (a behavior which some understandably regarded as "trolling") and then failed to give any specific data to support your assertion. You weren't seeking information or a discussion, you were simply trying to convince others that you were right while providing nothing to back it up.

    That's really not the way to be taken seriously when posting in a product's support forum or the way to generate a substantive discussion. Again, in other product forums elsewhere I've no doubt you would have been summarily zapped.
  10. jan

    jan Former Eset Moderator

    Oct 25, 2002
    Hi adiel,

    everyone has a right for his opinion - that's for sure. I don't want to insult anyone.

    You wrote:

    >nod32 is a lamer

    and then:

    >calling me troll and humilating me to the possible extent..
    >what have i said...did i called any of the person here with such names?>someone called me cheap also..

    If you miscall somebody or something, what would you expect the answers would be? I'm trying not to do to the people what I don't want them to do to me. (I'm just trying, I'm also not perfect in this :D) I use it as a "preventive system". Of course you don't need to use it too, but then don't be surprised. ;)

    I think if you would have posted serious test results and not miscalled NOD, the answers would be different, as you can see on the other threads.

    It's true that NOD is also not absolutely perfect in all the parameters you can imagine - e.g. its virus detection is much better than the trojan detection - that's true. Anyway, NOD is an Antivirus (with pretty good results according to Virus Bulletin) and not Antitrojan - you can use a separate program for detecting trojans as advised also by the others.

    I wish you not to be insulted in the future and be "proactive" in this.

    Best wishes, :)

  11. J-Pop

    J-Pop Registered Member

    Feb 1, 2003

    I am very new to this forum, but I wanted to share the following with you.

    Part of the problem may simply be the way you expressed yourself. I think that is one of the main points that most people are making.

    I DID read your post re: "AVG is much better than NOD32," or something like that and honestly, I thought it was meant as a joke--I really did!

    Then, my next thought was that you might be sincere, but that you did not seem to realize that you are way out of your league (to use a sports metaphor) by making some of the comments you wrote. The people at this forum, by and large, are truly knowledgeable about what they write. In turn, they expect others who write to, likewise, be knowledgeable. If you don't know what you are talking about (like me, sometimes) that is OK too, as long as you say, "can someone help me figure this out?"

    Usually, before I post anything in a new forum, I read many of the previous posts. This is a way to learn the "spirit," and the rules (some stated, some not stated) and the level of expertise that exists at that particular forum. I hope this makes sense to you, as I do mean it sincerely.

    Further, and more specifically, the reason I began using NOD32 was afer using AVG--and it let some virus (from an email) enter my machine...and never even recognized it as a virus!! Almost immediately, I downloaded the NOD32 trial version, NOD recognized and zapped the virus--it was that fast. I have been a NOD loyalist (but not a partisan) since then.

    Honesty, I would NEVER recommend to anyone to use AVG--unless they really could NOT afford to pay for a good AV. In that case, using AVG would probably be better than having nothing at all.

    There are other good AV's (other than NOD) too, of course. But I really like NOD32's speed, accuracy, the regular updates, and the fact that it uses a low level of system resources. It is NOT a memory hog--I really like that part.

    I hope you would try to give the forum another shot...that is, give it another try, if you are interested in really learning about anti-virus products, like NOD32, and you have an open mind. Most people, at forums like this, like nothing better than to have interesting, knowledgeable, and respectful dialogues, where everyone can learn.

    However, if you are only interested in stating your opinion...with little or nothing to back it up (other than your very limited "research"..well, then, you should not be surprised at the reactions you will generate in return.

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