hushmail, email ip, emails snooped by non-US ISP, how to avoid ISP email filter ?

Discussion in 'privacy problems' started by Nvr2lte4ITSec, Nov 28, 2013.

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    Nov 28, 2013
    Hi all,

    I am not an IT expert but I am fan of IT security. I have a small private business. I live in Europe.

    My objective is:
    secure my outgoing emails and incoming emails from being
    intercepted / read from local ISP or from the local ISP of my customers.
    * when I say local ISP I mean the various ISPs in the country where I reside in Europe.
    I do not say it happens, I can't possibly know, but I want to avoid this possibility

    I use hushmail.

    Important note : I do not mind if ISP of hushmail or hushmail or authorities in Canada, US, UK etc, log and read my emails. I do not seek to move away from hushmail. From Hushmail they have always treated me right. I love many of their features, for about only 7 US$ / month ? to my needs it sounds good.

    It is for the ISP of my country I am worried about, my business competitors have the money and the means.

    Please no comments that I am a secret criminal and I have something wrong to hide from my government etc. otherwise I would never ask this
    in a forum, etc. I am 100 % legit, defending ( not attacking ) myself and my small private business from business competitors with lots of power. I need to exercise my right for defensive security and privacy

    I use hushmail business so I have email, ( it is not domain hushmail or hush etc. )

    my company's domain name and MX records pointing to hushmail are with Goddady US

    I use vpn, strong vpn, uk servers, static ip, comodo configured,
    connecting to hushmail through firefox/webmail. No Outlook, no Thunderbird

    When I connect to hushmail, my connection with hushmail is encrypted , also backed by VPN ( right ? well hope for )

    I do not encrypt messages with question / answer etc. I can't ask from my customers to start using encryption, log to a special hushmail page to view the encrypted message, something they never did and they will not
    like it if I ask them so

    When I send a web mail from hushmail, the email travels with ip of the hushmail servers, right ? ( or of my vpn static ip ? ). I believe hushmail is not like google or godaddy, only one ip is involved not many.

    so my outgoing hushmail webmail travels in a way like this: my PC>mylocalISP>UKvpnserver> ( up to here the email can't be read by the local ISP:blink: ah this sense of security )
    >hushmailserver>variousinternationalISP&servers>my customerslocalISP>mycustomer'sPC,
    bearing the ip of hushmail or of my static VPN

    hm, just before my customer receives the email, this arrives to local ISP, local ISP filters millions of emails, sees ip of hushmail ( I bet only a handful of people use hushmail in my country ) , sais aha here it is ,
    opens it since it is unecrypted.

    reads it.

    if that is the case, was I using hushmail 4-5 years now for NOTHING ? in that case hushmail would be useful to me, only if I would encrypt the emails ?

    Geeks help me ! what must I do ? should I change the ip of the emails with a kind of email forwarder ? so i send the hushmail emails to somewhere in the world, a kind of server let's say and from there somehow the email, have its ip changed so my local ISP will never understood this email came from me ?

    that is the one side of the coin because I guess, customers must
    a. reply to the hushmail message they have received from me. What happens here ? local ISP will be able to find out they hey this is a reply email
    from a customer of this guy who uses hushmail.

    b. my customers compose new emails and they insert my hushmail email adress. What happens to the outgoing message ? It bears the ip of my hushmail adress ? so again local ISP can trace it ? capture it, read it ?

    To recap, main questions are as follows:
    1. How to protect my web mail outgoing hushmail emails from being snooped by the ISP of my customers.
    a. do I need to use a kind of email forwarder that changes the ip of the outgoing message and hiding the ip of hushmail and / or my static strong vpn ip Would even use gmail as forwarder for that ! Any references ? I want to avoid remailer solutions that need to be installed in my PC. I only use webmal.
    b. remote desktop ( virtual remote desktop services ) so emails sent from within the firefox / hushmail inside the remote virtual desktop would help in chaging the ip ? maybe bearing the ip of the remote desktop services server ?
    c. Any other possible solution ?

    2. Any possible solution that would assist when a customer sends email to my hushmail address, not this message to be filtered from the ISP of my customers, so being snooped.

    3. I have also an additional domain and email with this additional domain, hosted at goddady also. My security needs for that email are not paramount,
    yet it would be interesting to see if some of the issues discussed here about the hushmail email address could be applied also for my godaddy email adress.
    something worries me with the godaddy email. I login to
    I have firefox calomel addon. At godaddy login page, calomel shows SSL validation, green 93 %, login then again 93 %, open any email,
    oops broken or untrusted 45 %. When I refresh the web page with the specific email, it gets back to green. With hushmail I do not have this, green at login page, orange when viewing emails 53 %, disappointing ( damn, hushmail, PGP, Zimmermann, why only 53 ? ), but never red or broken.

    For all the above questions, please note that my customers would have to answer or by replying to my message or by composing a new message with my hushmail business email address on it.

    apologies if you see IT mistakes and language mistakes, English is not my native language

    So any help machining the impossible, is greatly appreciated !
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