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Discussion in 'privacy technology' started by aegis, Jun 13, 2006.

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  1. aegis

    aegis Registered Member

    Jun 7, 2006

    From what i understand, any emails sent, or sites surfed leave a copy on the ISP's servers.

    But if I use a Https email like Gmail, would the ISP be able to see whats on thier servers, i.e; would it be encrypted on their server.

    So is https enabled email more private than others.
  2. Paranoid2000

    Paranoid2000 Registered Member

    May 2, 2004
    North West, United Kingdom
    The contents of https: traffic would not be visible to your ISP, they would only be able to see the destination (Google's servers in this case). However if the email is stored unencrypted on the server then the server admin (Google again) can certainly read it if they choose (in Google's case, email is scanned in order to generate "relevant" advertising).

    However there are other issues with regards to Google - they can collect a partial history of the sites you visit (i.e. any using Google Analytics) and if you are using any of their other services, they can tie in data from those also (search history, Google Groups info, etc). Since this is Google, the scale of their data collection abilities should be significant enough to concern users generally.

    Https: has some risks also if you are relying on third party software (web filters or firewall privacy features) to block cookies or webpage scripting. See the Dangers of HTTPS for more details.
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