How to create bootable CD with ALL progs on ?

Discussion in 'backup, imaging & disk mgmt' started by garry35, Feb 1, 2013.

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  1. garry35

    garry35 Registered Member

    Jan 20, 2009
    is it possible to put all the terabyte products on a single bootable cd or dvd ? this would save the need for a stack of boot cds ..................

  2. Jim1cor13

    Jim1cor13 Registered Member

    Aug 4, 2012
    Re: How tocreate bootable CD with ALL progs on ?

    Hi Gazzer :)

    I will try and stumble through what may work for you and offer a few ideas. I have most of my bootable ISO files on a flash drive created using EasyBCD. As far as terabyte products go, both IFL and BIBM I have on a bootable Flash drive. The IFW boot disc is created using the Winre.wim file. The directions below may offer a few ideas I hope could work based upon a working bootable flash drive, not just using terabyte products but any bootable ISO file.

    I have thought about what you are asking now, and the idea I came up with that may work although I have never tried it, is to first create a bootable flash drive with something such as I mentioned above, EasyBCD, YUMI, etc. once you confirm the flash drive boots properly and your programs also function properly, one could use a program such as ISO workshop (free) to create an ISO file of the flash drive and all the programs, boot menus etc.

    I would think you could then burn that ISO to a DVD if it is to large for a CD, and it *should* work offering the same functionality, but I cannot say for certain. I do not see why it would not work, but I am probably missing something.

    Using EasyBCD, I have many different bootable ISO's of various backup and utility programs that I use regularly. Some ISO's can be a challenge to get to work properly, but most will with some adjustment. to me it would be easy enough to then create the ISO of the entire bootable flash drive then burn to CD/DVD depending upon size. Now whether the disc would then boot and work as the flash drive I am not sure, but it would seem possible and should work in theory, but the main point is making sure an ISO file is created of the flash drive, that way it can be burned directly to a disc if in Windows 7, just right click any ISO file and "Open with" Windows Disc image burning program.

    Just a thought, also, there are other tools available to make boot flash drives such as YUMI, Xboot, etc. Aladdin and others I hope will chime in and may offer much better advice than I have, but hopefully it gives you a few ideas. Only thing I am not sure about is if this could work for the IFW/Winre.wim boot method, but I know using EasyBCD, one can also boot a Wim file such as a Winpe disc, etc.

    Have a good day Gazzer :)

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  3. MudCrab

    MudCrab Imaging Specialist

    Nov 3, 2006
    Re: How tocreate bootable CD with ALL progs on ?

    I usually use Grub4DOS and boot the ISO files. You just need to create an updated ISO and copy it to the flash drive to update it.

    You can boot TBWinRE (and most WinPE/RE-based media) from an ISO (may not work on all builds/systems). It requires more RAM (usually not a problem) and may take longer than booting directly.
  4. Niagara73

    Niagara73 Registered Member

    Jun 4, 2012
    I would use Xboot not known enough for windows programs.
    I use this small utility to store all my bootable ISO files, such as Imaging, Partitioning, Antivirus and other, even Dos based utilities.
    The advantage over Yumi and other similar :
    Is you don't need to decompress the ISO when creating your multiple boot.
    You can put Windows based WinPE 30. or 4.0 Iso, Linux utilities and others.
    Just drag and drop your bootable Iso on it.

    Sorry for my terrible English :)
  5. arsenaloyal

    arsenaloyal Registered Member

    Nov 1, 2009
    I am trying to create an ISO to multiboot All the terabyte products as well,but then i make an ISO for Boot-It Bare Metal I don't see an option to enter the registration details.. am I doing something wrong ?
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