How To Create a TrueImageHome Rescue CD

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    Here is a sample on how to create a TrueImage Home Rescue CD. If using Version 11, the Safe Version is available upon request by completion of an "online" support request from Acronis Support.

    One of the purposes of this CD is enable the user to perform backup or recovery or disk replacement when booted from the TI Rescue CD.

    After the successful completion of the TI Rescue CD, take the time to use a Sharpie pen and write the version build and serial number on the CD.

    Also suggest that you go to the Acronis website (link below) and register your serial number. Your purchase is NOT pre-recorded. By registering your serial number, your serial will always be available even after future purchases/recordings. Your personal login page is also your access point for downloads of any newer builds released for your registered version.

    When installing a new version or update, it is also recommended that you un-install any previous version before installing any new version. Each update is a standalone version and a prior installation is not necessary but a prior serial number may be required--if updating.

    Be sure and create a new TI Rescue CD for each new version build that you install.


    If the step 4 procedures above do not work for you, try either manually closing the tray before clicking the Proceed option. Or, select the ISO option which enables to save the file to your hard drive and then burn the ISO file using 3rd party burn software such as Roxio or Nero, etc. The TrueImage Help icon is displayed for additional assistance.
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