How should I choose my security setup ?

Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by xperator, May 28, 2012.

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  1. xperator

    xperator Registered Member

    May 28, 2012
    Hi eveyone,

    It's my first time here :) , have been reading many topics in here and it seems users in here are expert in windows security stuff. So I thought I should make a topic to make my own security setup.

    For many years, I have been using only Nod32 as my AV. I thought it is the best out there. But, actually it wasn't as good I thought it should be... I was infected by trojans and malwares a few times each year and it made me install a fresh windows and lose all data... !
    Well, just like a newbie I was relying on a single AV and thought it would catch every single bad-file out there. Then I did some research and found that many AVs doesn't include malware detection.

    Since my last time infection, I decided to remove Nod32 and asked a geek and he told me to install MSE + MalwareBytes. That's what I have been using for the last few months.
    But I think I got a little suspicious, And asked myself : "Am I really prone to malwares or it's just same time as using Nod32 ?"

    Just a few mins ago, I went to MDL and downloaded a sample malware. Tried checking to see if these 2 can detect it. And they couldn't ! :blink: I did a virustotal scan and the detection rate was 6/25 :ouch: There was dr.web on the list, So I tried to install it and check how it perform. It could detect. I thought wow this is the best one then. Then I went to download another sample, and this time MSE detected it but dr.web couldn't o_O

    I know %100 detection rate does not exist, but what about %99.99 ? Which AV do you think has the highest detection rate with the lowest false positive report ?
    Should I just remove dr.web and stick to MSE ? Should I keep using multi AV programs ?

    On the other side, I want to have a firewall too. But I am really sick of creating rules for each program and answering to firewall's questions. Tried comodo and didn't like it. Too many questions and slowed my net. Is there something that comes with HIPS and doesn't require (at least the minimum) user interaction ?

    Can someone point me in the right direction? :doubt:

    OS : Windows 7 ultimate x64
    Current security setup : MSE + MalwareBytes Pro + KeyScambler + Dr.Web (Temporary)
  2. KelvinW4

    KelvinW4 Registered Member

    Oct 11, 2011
    Los Angeles, California
    It is not recommended to run two Anti-virus solutions at the same time as they could potentially cause system instability.

    You can use malwarebytes and Hitman Pro as a secondary scanner and sandbox your browser such as Bufferzone Pro or Sandboxie to prevent malware from leaking. If you want a light HIPS, you can go and try Mamutu, a behavior blocker. Avira and Nod32 has one of the highest detection rates with average performance impact. Avast Free is another good option.

    What I suggest:
    1) Remove Dr.Web
    2) Add Sandboxie/ Bufferzone Pro

    *Microsoft Security Essentials have been known for the average detection of malware and extremely low false positives. It is very light on my system too. I would recommend this.

    With that you are good to go. You must keep in mind that nowadays it is difficult for anti-virus companies to keep adding signatures because of the rapid pace the creators are doing it.

    Good place to check others setup is:
  3. ronjor

    ronjor Global Moderator

    Jul 21, 2003
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