how long till i recieve my login details ??!!

Discussion in 'NOD32 version 2 Forum' started by eski, May 2, 2004.

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  1. eski

    eski Guest

    yesterday afternoon (sunday around 2pm east) i ordered another copy of NOD.
    i sent an enquiry to sales at around 6pm and today (monday 11am) i still havent heard anything.

    now while i love NOD and it has served me well in the past i would recommend you get your act together. i had problems when i purchased my first license for my desktop and i am having problems now yet again.

    if you buy something over yhe internet, especially if you pay for a download you expect it to be instantly available... now if you have to process a credit card manually that is fine but please send some confirmation that you have recieved the order and for crying out loud pay someone to work on the weekend !!!
  2. Mele20

    Mele20 Former Poster

    Apr 29, 2002
    Hilo, Hawaii
    Where are you that it is 11AM on Monday? In Hawaii it is 5:45PM Sunday.

    Having employees work over the weekend to process orders would probably raise the price of NOD32. You want that? LOL I do think that it should be made clear on the website that if you order on the weekend that it will take a bit longer to process the order.

    I do agree that an instant confirmation of the order should occur. I have bought software where the email with my information took 24 hours during the week but I always received a prompt auto confirmation of the order so that I knew that the order had gone through properly. Eset should have something similar.
    You could phone Eset about it, but that should not be necessary.
  3. BKK Aussie

    BKK Aussie Guest

    I was talking to my sister in Brisbane this afternoon. It's a Public Holiday today.
  4. eskiHappy

    eskiHappy Guest

    i m in sydney and i know that the people who sell nod down here are located in brisbane(at least thats what how i remember it from last time). so time difference should not have mattered and who has ever heard of an online store that is closed on weekends ??!!

    i recieved my login details now so all is good.

    just as a comparison.
    i ordered some hardware from a website in melbourne. order sent at 2pm tuesday, product recieved wednesday 9:30am.. and that included actual physical delivery of goods.

    oh well :) got the login .. happy now :)
  5. BKK Aussie

    BKK Aussie Guest

    I ordered my NOD32 by phone when I called to find out why my PC User copy wouldn't update. I was living in Australia at the time. The licence arrived 30-40 minutes later in email, but that was on a week day. I wouldn't have expected anybody to be working on Sunday, or a Public Holiday.
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