How do I set up a 5 OS boot?

Discussion in 'Paragon Partition Manager Product Line' started by DesertEagle, Jun 23, 2010.

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  1. DesertEagle

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    Jun 23, 2010
    I have purchased a 1TB hard drive and I am attempting to make a multi-boot system so I can test our software on multiple platforms.

    Ultimately I would like to have a 200GB partition for XP (what I am currently running, and would like to transfer from my old hard drive), a 400GB partition for Windows 7 32-bit, a 100GB partition for Windows 7 64-bit, a 100GB partition for Windows Vista 32-bit, and a 100GB partition for Windows Vista 64-bit.

    I have spend much time and reinstalls trying to get this to work, with mixed results.

    One of the problems is that I still "see" the other operating systems as other drive letters (F:, G:, H:, etc) when I boot up into an OS and I really want them hidden. I'd like the OS, to ONLY display C: (the hard drive) and D: & E: (my 2 DVD drives) and completely hide the other operating systems.

    Additionally, I first laid down the 2 copies of Windows 7, then installed Windows Vista, and when I did that, in the F1 boot manager, I see no listing for "VISTA 32" (what I called the partition and installed Vista on), only "WIN 7-32" and "WIN 7-64" (what I called those two partitions and operating systems. But when I select "WIN 7-62" I then get a Windows boot loader that asks if I want to run "Windows 7" or "Windows Vista". I've tried to go into the recovery disk and correct this, but no such luck.

    So can you provide me with a plan in which order I should install/copy my various operating systems so I can have all 5 operating systems set up properly and appear in the Paragon start up menu and be completely invisible from each other?
Thread Status:
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