How do I input the following parameters into Command Prompt for CCleaner?

Discussion in 'privacy technology' started by Security Novice, Jan 15, 2013.

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  1. Security Novice

    Security Novice Registered Member

    Jan 12, 2013
    /AUTO-- Runs the cleaner upon loading and then closes the application.
    /AUTO/SHUTDOWN -- Runs the cleaner and then shuts down the computer

    How would I type these lines into Command Prompt? What are the exact lines of coding I must I input in order for these commands to be made? I am completely new to Command Prompt so help would be greatly appreciated.

    Is there a way to make CCleaner clean a specific program whenever you turn off that specific program? For example, if I turn off Mozilla Firefox, I want to make ccleaner automatically run to clean any traces left by Mozilla Firefox. Are there any Command Prompt lines that allow me to do that?
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  2. PaulyDefran

    PaulyDefran Registered Member

    Dec 1, 2011
    I would suggest using Task Scheduler to run CCleaner, as it is super easy, and can kick of on a user set shedule, ie. every hour, twice a day, etc...

    This also has the benefit of possibly protecting against an Obstruction charge in a legal proceeding because you set it up years ago and it always runs.

    Just follow the Task Scheduler "Add a Basic Task" Wizard and add /AUTO to the "Extra Arguments" field. It will run with the options set through the GUI.

    To answer your direct question, you just open a command prompt and 'CD' to the CCleaner directory (or just right click while holding SHIFT on the folder and 'Open Command Prompt Here') and run ccleaner.exe /auto

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