How Can I Switch the Trusted PC that is listed In My Microsoft Account ?

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    I have related elsewhere my nightmare experience in upgrading my ASUS ROG desktop to W 10. Like so many others it got stuck and I rebooted after staring at a black screen for four+ hours. Most peeps who rebooted because of the sticking problem had their systems automatically reverted to 8.1. However mine didn't. It became unbootable. It also appeared to be not repairable. For example a reset or refresh required a Windows 10 installation disc. I have a boxed retail set of windows 8 but my dvd driver was not functioning and I later lost anyway to change the boot order.No traditional way that I know of to fix it worked. It seemed that Windows 10 partially installed and wiped out everything else.

    I am handicapped and need a functioning PC for many essential tasks of daily living. I had an ACER shipped from Amazon overnight. The ACER upgraded to W 10 in about an hour. However, the ACER relies on Creative Cinema as an audio controller and sound enhancer. It is not compatibile with Windows 10 and because it is an OEM product Creative has stated it will not be issuing an update and an update is the responsibility of ACER. The ACER has a Realtek HD card but now the only audio adjustment that can be made is volume - no base, treble, equalizer , etc.

    Subsequently I was somehow able to "recover" my Asus with the recovery drive I made on the ACER in Windows 10. But, My Asus recovered as an ACER W 8.1 LOL. I was able to reinstall most of the Asus drivers and features and it runs very well, but it still has, for example the ACER Bios. There was an Asus Bios update that totally borked my Asus, but I was able to recover it again with the Acer RecoveryDrive. I am also prevented from re-innstalling some drivers including some of the original Intel drivers. I assume cuz the install is reading the mother board as an Acer or something like that. But the Asus performs as fast as ever.

    Ironically, I am not able to reinstall the original ASUS sound enhancer - "Sonoc Master", but that is not bad because the Realtek HD card in the Asus has an extensive sound manager controller.

    Amazon has agreed to take back for a refund the ACER because of the audio issue. That ACER is the PC listed in my Microsoft Account and has access to my Office Subscription, One Drive, etc. I am able to access my Microsoft account with my Asus, but want to securely wipe my info from the ACER before I do.. I am very concerned about the ACER having privileged access to my Microsoft Account. I am unable to add the ASUS to the list of devices in my Microsoft Account, I assume cuz the Windows install is a one PC installation.

    Is there a way to delete the ACER and add my Asus from my existing Microsoft Account that is associated with my Office Subscription. I want to be able to keep my current Microsoft account with the same email login.

    Is there any way to do this. Microsoft Support Chat was totally useless in helping me, though I did enjoy an extended chat I had with the Microsoft Account/Tech Support guy about PC gaming:)
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