Home router advice needed

Discussion in 'hardware' started by Uitlander, Oct 23, 2020.

  1. Uitlander

    Uitlander Registered Member

    May 16, 2010
    Albany, CA
    For over three years I have used a MikroTik hex RB750Gr3 router, and was preparing to buy a second one as backup, until I heard of GL.iNet Brume (GL-MV1000) Edge VPN router. Now I'm not so sure. It sounds good on Amazon, but I have not been able to find much info about it. Anyone familiar with it? It appears to be able to handle VPN-over-router using OpenVPN and Wireguard, which my current router cannot. Does it have NAT and SPI like my current MikroTik? Is it better, or worse, or about the same?
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