Home panel steals mouse focus.

Discussion in 'Returnil releases' started by DiggerP, Jan 23, 2010.

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  1. DiggerP

    DiggerP Registered Member

    Jun 11, 2007

    I've been trying out the 2010 version of Returnil.( Free version)
    ( Returnil Virtual System 2010 Version 3.1.7704.5170-REL )
    Don't know if other users experience this, but I've run into
    a very inconvenient behavior while trying to access the settings panel(s).

    Steps to reproduce:
    Open Program panel > click Preferences and the Preferences panel appears.
    Everything is accessible ,BUT,

    * Click "Home" > Home panel appears, however when I subsequently
    click Preferences , the Preferences panel appears as a "pop-under" ,
    iow , under the Home panel and hence not visible.
    Clicking anywhere on the Home panel makes the Preference panel appear again.
    Subsequent clicking on any tab in the Preferences panel causes it to disappear again.
    Each time the "Home" panel steals the mouse focus.
    This is very inconvenient to say the least.
    Is it possible that anyone would look into this?

    Update: Upon further checking, the above condition doesn't exist when System Safe is enabled,
    iow ,it only shows up when in normal- or unprotected mode.

    Other comments:
    The 2010 version is nice ,but I could have done without the anti-virus component.It just adds another complexity to a good program, aside from making the installation file a lot larger.
    Besides that, it causes a lot of false positives that my other AV doesn't.
    As a double check ,I upload the "suspected" malware to VirusTotal and nothing is found there either.
    I hope that a anti-virus free version will be offered or failing that.
    a separate choice to install/ not install the av component during initial installation.
    I know some people like it with and others don't ;) (judging from many other comments on this forum regarding this)

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