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  1. ruth beck

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    Hi, thanks for getting back to me so soon.
    I little history about my problem. I was hit by several viruses last November, during the worldwide assault, an infamous day in history. The major problem was that Internet Explorer was hijacked and either I got error notices or was sent to a page, that was a socalled " advisory"
    saying Google, IE Browser was hijacked and to use other browsers. The other hijacked page is when I need to open a file that Netscape doesn't understand and it takes me to a phony MS site, where Norton gives me a security warning. I hit it several times, and it obvious another hijacked site, page. I though I was dutifully protected, having Spybot, Ad Aware,
    Spyware Blaster, Norton and Symantic enabled. I also update Windows frequently, especially after November, and all the other programs. Anyway, I have two corrupted pages which none of the above has been able to clear. Plus I still have a couple of bugs , a trojan, in quaranteen.
    I would love to rid my pc of the hijackers, but I don't understand how to open and install The Hijack program to remove the hijackers. I am always screwing something up on my computer. I just reinstalled half of my programs while trying to eliminate the problems. What do you think I shoud do?
    Ruth Beck
  2. dave38

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    Feb 26, 2004
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