HGST GPT Disk Manager v2.2en.msi

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    Nov 20, 2019
    Quite a while ago I installed HGST_GPT_Disk_Manager_v2.2_en.msi. which is a rebranded paragon product to be able to use larger HDD without bios supporting GUID partitions.
    So I installed my HGST 3.7TB HDD and all worked well. Then later the same year I updated my motherboard and purchased one more of the same HDD thinking I would make a RAID 1 configuration.

    The motherboard I have now supports GUID partitions so I will not need the HGST_GPT_Disk_Manager_v2.2_en.msi any more.
    My setup now is a 128GB SSD with OS, Linux and Windows. then the two HGST 3.7TB disk drives formatted with NTSF as Archive disks.
    The GTP disk manager is controlling one HGST 3.7TB drive which is not visible in Linux, so I have basically stopped using it.
    Now I'm searching for a solution to make my RAID1 configuration and remove the GTP disk manager.

    I can reformat the whole drive if it helps because I have nothing of importance on it but I wonder if I would have a partition or file like a partition table stored on my SSD.

    So I wonder if anyone knows the scheme paragon use for their GTP disk managers and how to remove the best way?

    I tried to contact paragon support but they refuse to help.

    Million thanks for your help

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