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Discussion in 'Trojan Defence Suite' started by BoboJaymz, Jun 26, 2004.

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  1. BoboJaymz

    BoboJaymz Registered Member

    Jun 26, 2004
    I have a virus on my pc that I can't seem to take off. I recently d/l the TDS-3 and a screenshot below is of the virus. When I save the file it states that it is under the regkey Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run [LOAD32=C:\WINDOWS\System32\swchost.exe

    But I can't seem to browse past CurrentVersion when I use regedit. Anyway, from the tds-3 program, under the alarm the virus is named


    Any help would be appreciated by e-mailing me at: christian2 -AT- marshall _DOT_ edu

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  2. ronjor

    ronjor Global Moderator

    Jul 21, 2003

    Info on Mapson. Link
  3. Jooske

    Jooske Registered Member

    Feb 12, 2002
    Netherlands, EU near the sea
    Hello BoboJaymz and welcome to the forum!
    You talked about an screenshot which i don't see?

    What happens if you rightclick on the virus and delete it?

    Make sure you update the databases every time to the latest while scanning.
    If you're on XP you'll like to disable the system restore - reboot - enable system restore again to create a new restore point and the infection has gone with the deleted restore points.

    Please post back how it goes?

    A next step could be to post your HijackThis log -- look in this please [thread]15913[/thread] step #2 for the Hijackthis log instructions and to post them in that same forum over there for expert advice.
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