Help in setting-up FlashGet in Sandboxie

Discussion in 'sandboxing & virtualization' started by Dundertaker, Oct 30, 2009.

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    Oct 17, 2009
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    Help in setting-up FlashGet in Sandboxie


    Anyone know how to set-up a download accelerator like FlashGet in Sandboxie?

    I use Sandboxie 3.40 mostly for surfing the net and the occasional opening of programs that I don't have familiarity with. Thing is I use a slow connection at home (dial-up..belt-tightening due to the economy:( ) and doing downloads are a pain. For big downloads I go to an internet cafe and do it there.

    I never used a download accelerator before and it's the first time I'm trying out one. I'm kinda getting accustomed to use Sandboxie everytime I surf the net at home. Makes me feel a bit more secure in tandem with my security softwares.

    Can anyone give me guidance/important tips to set-up FlashGet in Sandboxie for a more safe downloading experience?

    What are the keypoints that I must consider in setting a download accelerator in Sandboxie?

    How can I make FlashGet recover whatever it downloads be placed in a folder which is when you click it will open in automatically in a sandbox rather than going to "Run Windows Explorer sandboxed"? Is this possible? How can I set it up like that?

    If there are any other download accelerator which is more better/compatible in Sandboxie may I know which is it and how it is set-up to function in Sandboxie like the conditions I have mentioned?

    One more thing, I am also using Online Armor free and upon installing FlashGet it detected it as "keylogger". Am I safe from keyloggers as long as I am in a sandbox? What precautions do I have to take/do to be safe from keyloggers?:(

    Please help me on this. I really need to understand this one more.

    My security set-up is Avira Premium 2009/Online Armor free real-time, MBAM/SASpy free and HitmanPro on-demand. TrueCrypt encrypted partition.

    Kind regards,

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