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Discussion in 'hardware' started by Rico, Sep 6, 2014.

  1. Rico

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    Aug 19, 2004
    A friend brought me a Vista 32 bit machine very very slow:

    Safe Mode can take 1 hr. or more to load.

    I suspected "PIO" mode, instead of DMA Looking at Dev. Mgr. "IDE/ATAPI"

    Looking at each entry here & clicking "Advanced Settings" DID NOT (EVER) SAY ANYTHING, NO PIO, DMA ALL FIELDS BLANK, at: dev. mgr > IDE/ATAPI > advanced settings.

    Try system restore not available or won' start.

    I then looked at: HKLM\system\current control set\control\class

    here: 0001, 0002 (right side windows pane) identified as IDE

    but "Master Data Check Sum" & similar for slave were MISSING


    from safe mode with net: Ran Rogue Killer found Rogue.FakeHDD system restore PID 1732. Removed

    Next HitManPro - removed about 6 malware, & many traces

    Still slow, appropriate timing instrument is a SUN DIAL.

    Tried system restore, from safe mode, (user said machine OK on date x), it took a long time & I missed going back to safe mode (upon reboot), 2 hrs & normal windows failed, to load. Not sure but suspect system restore failed.

    Next, booting from UBCD 4 win, the machine was quick very peppy, so now I'm back to thinking PIO mode.

    Spinrite found no errors, or SMART issues


    Would deleting (DEV MGR) ide/atapi drivers, would windows just replace, upon reboot. Seems logical as its a protected file

    I've seen VB Scripts for this, but not sure if it's for Vista, or does it matter (PIO to DMA)