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Discussion in 'Paragon Drive Backup Product Line' started by WildarsNube, Dec 29, 2011.

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    This is a followup to . I am exploring the use of Paragon Backup & Recovery (Free) to do weekly cloning of my laptop HDD to an auxiliary laptop HDD. The auxiliary HDD will be in an enclosure connected to the laptop via eSATA. I want a bootable clone rather than a recoverable image so that if the operational HDD becomes unusable, I don't need a spare HDD lying around to use as a target for recovery. Instead, I can just drop the clone into the laptop and become operational again. In effect, the auxiliary HDD replaces the dead operational HDD, and I can immediately surf to source out another auxiliary HDD.

    I installed Paragon Backup & Recovery (Free) a week ago, but uninstalled it because it wasn't suitable for my nascent backup plan at the time. At that time, the version that was installed was 2011. Now, I just installed it again to see if it can create the bootable clone, and the version is 2012. However, the web user guide doesn't seem to be working yet. The buttonology to create a bootable clone rather than a recoverable image isn't obvious to me even after looking at the advanced interface. However, I assume that all partitions must be cloned for such aforementioned seamless replacement of the operational HDD by the clone. From going through the first few steps of the backup wizard, there are 5 partitions (Master Boot Record, System, C-drive, and 2 Local Disks). I will be relying on Paragon Backup & Recovery (Free) to resize the C-drive partition so that the partitions all fit in the target HDD (cloning from 640GB HDD to 500GB HDD).

    Is there another way to access the user guide and/or help for Paragon Backup & Recovery (Free)? Failing that, is there an electronic recipe for cloning to a different size HDD in such a way that the clone can seamlessly replace the source HDD as described in my first paragraph?
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