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  1. peak4

    peak4 Registered Member

    Dec 3, 2013
    Happy new Year Folks; a query for the knowledgeable please.

    I bought this software ages ago, but have only now had the chance to try this migration now I've retired.

    My system consists of a 1TB SATA RAID1 array (SATA ports 1 & 2), with 4 partitions;
    XP SP3 is on the C partition as the only current OS.
    Separate IDE 500 GB HDD for data and DVD on the same controller as Master/Slave.

    I've run the "Migrate OS" wizard, to move XP onto a 256GB SSD, (Plugged into SATA-3) with a view to adding Win 7 when I get XP up and running (hopefully) as a dual boot system.

    Migration wizard completed OK, twice, but I can't get the PC to recognise the SSD to boot to it.
    Booting into the RAID XP partition and running HDM14 Pro, as a normal XP program, sees the SSD OK from within HDM14.

    I've tried unplugging the RAID array, leaving just the SSD, and PC fails to see SSD as a system disk.

    Then tried booting to CD with HDM14 on it to run the Boot Corrector; it sees SSD OK.
    Tried various MBR correction options with this, to no effect.

    If I interrupt BIOS to set the SSD as the primary boot device, it fails to recognise it;
    i.e. it's not in the list to move it up the boot order.

    MOBO is a BIOSTAR TF7150 with Award Phoenix BIOS

    Help please, I'm going round the bend with this one.

    p.s. just been playing again; Explorer sees the SSD, as does Admin Tools/Disk Management, but how on earth do I get the BIOS to boot to it when it can't see it.

    regards Bill
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  2. peak4

    peak4 Registered Member

    Dec 3, 2013
    I've been having a further play. This is only guesswork, but;
    Since the original "C" was/is a RAID1 array, the new SSD will have the RAID drivers on it.
    Tried removing all disks, sata & pata and just plugged SSD in to sata1 (i.e. 0.0)
    PC sees the RAID driver on SSD, but on accessing driver, I can't set SSD as a RAID array as there is only 1 disk, so I wonder if I need to find a way of removing RAID driver off SSD.
    The trouble is, that this is likely to stop me accessing the existing RAID array, which is the whole thing I was trying to avoid.
    When I purchased the software I was assured that it would handle porting a software RAID XP partition onto a Non RAID SSD, but I'm beginning to wonder now.
  3. Paragon_Matt

    Paragon_Matt Paragon Moderator

    Jan 24, 2011
    Is this a dual boot configuration? if it is, you are going to run into issues getting this to work properly with the Migrate OS to SSD, the limitation of the Migrate OS is that it will only move boot partitions and the OS partitions, which is potentially your issue.
  4. peak4

    peak4 Registered Member

    Dec 3, 2013
    Thanks Matt, no not a dual boot. Just XP SP3 on the C partition of a RAID 1 array. I want to get the OS off RAID and onto SSD.

    Should that then be successful, the plan will be to add Win 7 to the SSD as a dual boot, but not in the short term until I have everything stable.

    I can migrate the OS OK onto the SSD, using HDM14, but can't get the PC to boot from it, with or without the RAID array plugged in.
    The RAID disks are on ch 0.0 & 0.1; The SSD on 1.0, and another plain non RAID disk on 1.1, plus HDD & DVD on IDE
    One of the issues, I'm guessing, is that the image on the SSD, ex of the existing RAID C, will have the RAID drivers on it.
    Perhaps I should try copying the C drive( without the MBR) to SSD rather than trying to Migrate it??

    I can't change to boot order in the BIOS, as even with all the other disks unplugged, the BIOS doesn't see the SSD at all on boot.
    Windows XP can see, when booted into the RAID C drive, as can HDM14, both from within Windows and booting into it directly from CD.
    Also from XP opening a CMD prompt - DISKPART List Disk, sees the SSD.

    My other thought would be to unplug all disks except for SSD and see if I can install a copy of XP onto it as a new install, and then port over the one off the RAID 1 array.

    Yes I have defragged, and run CheckDisk.

    I have also tried Samsung's own Migrate tool, but that fails at 99%
    "Cloning failed" "an error occurred while adjusting partition size 400110 [061aee]"
    The resulting SSD partition isn't visible to windows, but can be seen by HDM14, albeit without a drive letter.
    That's as far as I got earlier this evening; I might try using your software to repair that image.

    Any thoughts, I've been at this for days now.
    The intention was to do this job as soon as I'd registered the software when I bought it, but family things got in the way, so I'm well outside the official support period.

    Thanks for your reply
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