HDM 14 crash/freeze of backup consistently

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    Sep 1, 2003
    Freeze but not because of HDM

    XP SP3 with HDM 14
    Data drive - an extended partition covers the entire drive
    Backup drive - USB 3.0 local

    Backup of system drive - OK
    Backup of data drive - freeze as soon as the destination folder is created. Freeze is system-wide. It is also not random (happens consistently).

    Only applies to backup under HDM (not recovery media).

    Suspicious - when plug-and-play the USB 3.0 drive would freeze the system too, in a very similar way to the HDM freeze.

    Problem solved: This not a bug in HDM. Instead, it's a bug in Eset antivirus. As soon as Eset was uninstalled, HDM did that all right.

    Thread topic was re-edited after the Eset diagnostic.
    Forum admin, may delete this thread (not really an issue with HDM)
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