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Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by Windfresh, May 1, 2005.

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  1. Windfresh

    Windfresh Registered Member

    Apr 30, 2005
    Can you give any info about Hauri Vi Robot?
    It seems to have become a popular AV in Korea ,but unknown abroad.
    I read at www.bitdefender.com press review that Hauri bought Bitdefender engine to embed in its next product.I tried to ask Hauri support service to tell me whether updates of Hauri is incremental and about frequency of updates several times,but they didn't respond.Hauri support seems to be the worst among AV vendors.All other manifactures ALWAYS respond any questions concerning their products.Probably,VI Robot is so good that doen't need advertising...
  2. Blackcat

    Blackcat Registered Member

    Nov 22, 2002
    Christchurch, UK
    Detection appears not too be too hot, either with ITW malware or zoo malware.
  3. dan_maran

    dan_maran Registered Member

    Aug 30, 2004
    Stamford, CT
    A guy I work with had this on his PC, and he was complaining about a slow machine so I sent him home with a custom WinPE Disc with Stinger, TrendMirco's Sysclean, and McAfee command line scanner and he told me that Stinger caught two big nasties, and that Sysclean ound about 300 infected files. So I have no faith in that company at all. He was running reg scans and updates as well. My .02
  4. Windfresh

    Windfresh Registered Member

    Apr 30, 2005
    I have found an interestig info,explaining why the bulk of Koreans till believes that Samsung and LG cellphones are better than Nokia,and Mercedes and BMW are just pale copies of Daewoo and KIA.
    I pasted this article from the officil site of Virus Chaser:

    Most virus infected country with most patriot buyers

    Some anti-virus analysts said the blinded patriotic Korean users make the country's Internet most virus infected than any other countries. Surprisingly, up to 80 % of the Korean Internet users believe Korean brewed AV solutions have the state-of-art technologies against the trendy viruses, worms and trojans to detect and cure. And the businesses in the country choose to use the Korean AV products due to their cheap prices.
    It has been placed as a normal business exercise through the most of the businesses. Such exercise brings any benefits not only for the users but for the market as well. No globally proven anti-virus solutions will enter the market and the market will be remained in relatively pre-mature.

    The recent failure of the sales by New Technology Wave to Korean AirLine clearly shows what is the biggest problems in the Korean AV market. NWI has spend almost 6 month on the sales negotiations but ended to give up their offer since Ahn Lab offered 20 million won which doesn't even meet the company's minimum price.

    - Bundled AV solutions for competition?

    In the Korean AV market, the AV solutions with more bundled additional features are regarded as good. Their major function, killing as many as viruses and worms, is not the major consideration when the companies, even include one of the major communication carrier KTF, are about to choose their AV protection. The Korean government deem to have no policy on this strange trend by not providing clear and fair regulations.
    NWI's CEO, JaeMyung Kim said, "The 2 major Korean AV solution providers take the biggest stake and it is resulted as blinding the users. Therefore, the users are eventually forced to believe the Korean made AV products and the solutions are the best but that is not surprisingly untrue, he remarked. .....

    In fact, there are many facts that supports what he says. Early 2003, the Symantec's Korean branch head, WonShick Choi left his job since his team didn't made any successes. Symantec is the global leader in anti-virus market by having 32.4% (in 2001) of the world market share but never made more than 5% in the Korean market while Ahn Lab and Hauri are having 80% of the market share. TrendMicro who takes 32.7% of the world's enterprise server market is not the exception.

    This can be only explained that the Korean local brands have so called home advantage by having patriotic supports from their users.

    - Press propaganda

    The Korean media acts another major role to propagate the local brands. ..... Even though Symantec forecasted MAAX virus first time, the Korean press released Virus Alerts when Ahn Lab confirmed its spreading. And not many Korean know that LovGate was discovered and warned to be prepared by Trend Micro instead of Ahn Lab. .....

    The Korean government seems to act with the press as well. ..... On Feb 2003, the Ministry of Information and Communication did set one week period for cleaning up the Trojans and posted the instructions to download and install Ahn Lab and Hauri's products on their web site. The web page detailed the use of the products and was criticized by many people as a 2 company's promotion team. .....

    - Patriotic advantages brings Technological disadvantages

    An anti-virus research lab supervisor in foreign company commented that "Compare to the anti-virus products in global standards, the Korean brewed anti-virus software are far below the standard. It seems that it's because of not by the engineers lack of ability but of the users who never knew what they need to buy." His comment is worth to think about in this particular market.
    Meantime, the recent figures show many global software companies are launching their products and services in Korea and it is expected that the local AV brands will loose their customers significantly since their security technology can not meet the high standards. The result is clear. The local brands are looking for the other countries where the competition is less but getting not many successes.
    The technological competition is the global issue not to be ignored.

    Reporter : JaeHo Lee

    Copyright 2003 New Technology Wave Inc. All rights

    Are there any guys at Wilderssecurity from Korea?
    Let us help our Korean brethren to know that they are unprotected !.I am joking.
    Just imagin-British government imposes Sophos upon British surfers... :doubt:
  5. Arup

    Arup Guest

    When it comes to patriotism, flag carrying, almost all countries suffer from stupidity thinking they are the best, it is an infallible part of human nature to be so, logic and reasoning be damned.

    BTW, S.Korea has the highest number of net penetration in the entire world so viruses spreading through the net is not really that surprising.
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