Hard Disk Manager Suite 12 insatllation problem

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    Jul 21, 2013
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    I'm a new user to Hard Disk Manager Suite 12 and didn't find anything in the knowledge base regarding my issue.

    I have a bit on a strange installation issue.

    I installed HDM 12 on a failing drive hoping to be able to back it up. The drive was failing too badly to be recoverable so I uninstalled it. I removed the drive and restored it onto a new 2TB drive from an older backup made by another product. I tried installing HDM on the new drive but when I run the install it says invalid drive E:\ and won't go forward. I don't know why the installation program is looking for a drive E: when there was no drive E: installed the first time I installed it on the failing drive.

    I installed the failed drive into a SATA to USB housing and plugged it into a USB port and it came up as drive E:

    I tried the installation again with drive E: (the original failing drive) plugged in and the installation started and appeared to be constantly accessing the USB drive for some reason; nothing else was accessing drive E:. I tried cancelling the installation and the installation program never quit. It's been more than 30 minutes since I pressed cancel and the program is still hung. I'll have to reboot to clear the hung installation.

    How to do I reset the entire installation so I can install HDM on my new drive? Is it a simple matter of deleting the Paragon Software entries in the registry and removing the Paragon Software folders in C:\Program Files\Paragon Software?

    I submitted a support request but I thought I would try the forums as well.

    I appreciate any help.



    After rebooting again after the last hung installation I tried installing again and I got prompted again invalid drive E: The operation was cancelled by the program. I plugged in my new blank backup drive which came up as drive E:. I tried installing again and the installation proceeded quickly and the product was installed successfully as far as I can tell. The program seems to be working properly.

    My question is still why is drive E: required for installation?

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