Guideline for Posting Malware Alert Messages

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    Guideline for Posting Virus Alert Messages

    This guideline has been developed in order to provide an overview of the proper way to post alert messages and general descriptions regarding viruses and trojans. Please follow these guidelines if you intend to create or reply to such threads.

    Not all malware needs to have a thread here. Please be selective regarding the viruses and trojans about which you decide to post. Selection should be based upon the following criteria: virulence or destructive capabilities, likelihood of infection (currently or expected to be spreading "in the wild"), or if there is something new or unusual about the malware.

    Also, consider the source from which you are obtaining the alert information. Generally, valid alerts come from one of the major Anti-Virus software vendors (ex. Sophos, Symantec, Trend Micro, Panda Software, McAfee, etc.), or from independent security industry concerns.

    Please do not quote (copy & paste) the entire update or article from the source website. A small excerpt quoted from that site, or a summary of the scope and impact of the virus or trojan in question is sufficient. This should be followed by a link to the full description at the source site.

    As ever, do not link to live virus or trojan files as this is against the Wilders Security Forums TOS.


    Thank you for your cooperation.

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