GSF does shut down Dec. 28th 2020

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  1. TheSentinelBU

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    Sep 26, 2011

    After careful consideration, I decided to close GSF at the end of 2020. The times in the area of IT security have changed drastically since we started. The users and visitors to our board have learned about this and know how to fix problems themselves.... well most of them.

    The GSF team only exists on paper and in team lists for many years now. After Steve, Terry, Jannie, Donna died, only NickADSL, Pete, Chazazz, Lowwatermark and I were left. Not that much people to service GSF full time.

    It takes a lot of time, patience and members who want to help to get a board like GSF back to shine. You know yourself that we are at an age when it is no longer necessary to spend long nights pondering about computer problems or dealing with defiant users. We simply did turn old.... too old.

    Don't get me wrong, it was a great and wonderful time. I do not regret starting that adventure GAV, GSF later.
    We did welcome a lot of wonderful and great people at GSF, few of them became friends since that time.
    We did face really hard and good times, but yes, it was worth to keep GSF alive. It is time now to clear the field for other idealists and IT specialists. That is why it is time to close GSF.

    Thanks for all in here at Wilders which had been over at GSF too. Many thanks for Lowwatermark being there when help was needed..... won't forget what he's doing for us.

    Bye, ciao, uff wiedaluegga and arrivederci allora e a presto
  2. FanJ

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    Feb 9, 2002
    Hi Udo,

    So sorry to hear this!!
    I can understand it. The times have changed. So many dear old friends are no longer with us. Others did choose another path in life, or circumstances in their life changed. Sometimes we cannot even get in touch with them anymore; somehow we have to deal with it.

    Thank you for all you and the team and members did. I do remember me the good old days!

    Thanks and very best wishes !!!
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