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Discussion in 'sandboxing & virtualization' started by Mac29, Jul 26, 2019.

  1. Mac29

    Mac29 Registered Member

    Apr 19, 2018
    I've used Sandboxie forever, and have been on W10 for 6 months. I use Firefox (with uBlock Origin). I'll be on a new system shortly and want to use a VM to browse but before I do, a few questions.

    Does Opera have some sort of Chromium sandbox built-in? I like the built-in ad blocker. (I have a continuing problem w/FF and SB. FF re-sets itself periodically and I have to re-config everything. It loses my history and bookmarks. Although the problem has been less frequent recently.)

    The thread 'Is Sandboxie useless on Windows 10' is asking if it's useful or not due to "modern" browsers. Any consensus about that in 2019? People feel safe to browser 'naked'?

    I'm confused about AppContainers. They work automatically in W10, for any application, including browsers? So nothing for me to config to 'harden' anything.

    Finally, is ReHIPS difficult to use? Basically curious how wilderssecurity members surf. Recommendations?

    Thank you,

  2. itman

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    Jun 22, 2010

    AppContainer usage must be configured within the app. Edge by default. IE11 can do so if configured for EPM mode. Chrome use is still optional, I beleive. FireFox does not use it. It is an optional setting in Adobe Reader. Etc., etc.. Also as far as Windows system apps go, only a dozen or so use it.
  3. bo elam

    bo elam Registered Member

    Jun 15, 2010
    That shouldn't be happening. It sound to me like perhaps something is corrupted in the sandbox you are using for Firefox. To know if that's the case, you test creating and using a new sandbox. If the issue doesn't occur in the new sandbox, that would mean that probably a setting you are using is messing thing up. To fix the issue, you continue using the new sandbox.

    Also, if your Firefox sandbox is not set to delete on closing automatically, then you should delete it now, and do it often. Deleting contents fixes a lot of non problems that are considered problems.

    You should also make sure, your settings to save bookmarks and history are enabled in Sandbox settings.
    The only reason why I feel confident that I can browse anywhere in the internet, regardless of how nasty the site is, without any stress or sweating, and confidently feel, that when I shutdown my computer, it is clean, is because I use Sandboxie and NoScript. If there was no Sandboxie, believe when I tell you, that day, it will be the day when I change my browsing habits. Mac, I think what I just wrote, answers your question from my perspective. :)

  4. guest

    guest Guest

    AFAIK, opera is chromium, so it uses its sandbox.

    I do on one machine with chrome and appcontainer enabled in it, and I feel safe.

    Appcontainer is by default on Edge and normally all Metro Apps. And opt-in in some apps like Chrome. The rest don't usev it.

    I am one of the few here beta testing REHIPS, it is a bit more complicated to use than Sandboxie (you have to unlearn your Sbie habits and it has an anti-exe module) but nothing very difficult.
    And since Sandboxie isn't made for testing (claims some of their users), rehips is the best choice for security oriented people.
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