good stuff about low-latency anonymity networks

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    Le Blond et al. (2013) Towards Efficient Traffic-analysis Resistant Anonymity Networks

    The focus is Aqua, a low-latency/high-bandwidth anonymity network for BitTorrent that resists traffic analysis. But more generally, the literature review is excellent.

    Chakravarty (2014) Traffic Analysis Attacks and Defenses in Low Latency Anonymous Communication (PhD thesis)

    Especially interesting is the attack on Tor using website watermarking in conjunction with single-end measurements of available bandwidth (and data from Atlas). Wild stuff! The tool is LinkWidth.

    Chakravarty et al. (2006) LinkWidth: A Method to measure Link Capacity and Available Bandwidth Using Single-End Probes

    Edit: I had never heard of global ISP snooping as a service :eek:
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