Getting Spywareguard to run - without problems!

Discussion in 'SpywareBlaster & Other Forum' started by gl-bzdb, Jan 20, 2006.

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  1. gl-bzdb

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    Dec 19, 2005
    I downloaded Spywareguard and like it very much. However, what is the final solution for the problem that won't go away? Here's what I've done:
    - On initial install: On my first try at using the program, errors about missing files float up. I downloaded all files mentioned at the Spywareguard site as fixes, as well as some Java files, etc. I get no more error messages about missing files. I figured out the desktop icon isn't designed to work as a main file execution, so deleted it. Same with starting program from Start/Programs - that doesn't execute the program either.
    - First new session with no error messages, open main screen using icon in taskbar, and everything works fine. End of session, exit program, close down laptop.
    - The current problem: Begin second session, on start up, the SG icon (as well as 4 other different security programs' icons) in the taskbar are gone (all relegated to the "Past Items" list), and no amount of clicking any SG icon brings up the main screen. The CPU is also maxed at 100% by the SG problem files ID'd in task manager. Uninstalling and reinstalling the complete program also did not work (the uninstall didn't even complete, eventually as I discovered because the SG program was still "running" in the task manager list of running processes). The solution for this part of the problem, thankfully, is this:
    - After deleting these two files from task manager, and rebooting, SG and the other previously missing icons reappear in the taskbar properly. SG is not taking up 100% of the CPU, and the main SG screen opens just right. I can run any test without a problem.
    - Then, BOOM, repeat of procedure is required. Close SG, reboot machine, and the icon is missing from taskbar, and the CPU is at 100%. I again delete the two SG files still running in task manager, reboot, all is well in the world, for this one session.
    I cannot find any other guidance for this problem so hope someone out there who reports "I love this program," will know the answer!
    - I'm using an IBM laptop T42, MS XP Professional, SP2. Other security programs I use: MS AntiSpyware Beta, Ewido, a-squared, SpybotS&D, Xoftspy, Ad-Aware SE Plus, Ad-Watch, SpywareBlaster, CCleaner, HijackThis, McAfee anti-virus & firewall. I haven't any any conflicts between any of these programs over time, just the new, singular failure of Spywareguard to function properly after closing the program from the first, fresh start (where no program files are active in task manager).
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