Getting OS Selector to discover an already existing OS

Discussion in 'Acronis Disk Director Suite' started by Hartelius, Aug 4, 2004.

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  1. Hartelius

    Hartelius Registered Member

    Aug 1, 2004
    I'm new to Acronis programs so you have to excuse me if my question seems a bit basic.

    In earlier versions of OS Selector there was a OS Detection Wizard "for manual addition of operating systems that Acronis OS Selector could not detect automatically". (At least this is what the documentation says, I haven't actually used any earlier versions).

    The OS Detection Wizard may or may not have been replaced by the following information in the documentation "DiskDirector.pdf", I honestly can't tell.

    ...and a bit further down...

    I'm not sure that I understand the text above and even if I did I don't think it's the way I would like to perform this task.

    I think there are several problems with the manual's suggested way.

    1. It seems to deal only with Windows OS installations.
    2. It seems to assume that the installation of an OS will be a continuous and problem free process which it, at least in my experience, seldom is.
    3. It does not take into account an already installed OS.
    4. It does not, as a consequence of 3, take into account a cloned OS.
    I'll give you a short description of how I go about things and what I want the OS selector to do.

    • When I install a OS I prefer to do it in a "minimized environment", i.e. I disconnect all other hard disks and place the remaining one as the master on the primary channel. This might not be necessary, but at least I think few OS will refuse to be installed with that configuration.
    • Then I install the OS, which often takes more than one attempt.:)
    • When I'm happy with the installation I reconnect the other hard disks to see if there are any conflicts or problems with the new setup.
    (Of course having a "poor man's boot manager" in my BIOS that lets me choose what hard disk to boot from is helpful, but I believe this is pretty much standard in a modern BIOS.)

    This is where I would like Acronis OS Selector to come into action. Having already installed a functioning OS I would simply like to get it into the OS Selector main menu, create a new boot context. and the OS Selector should be able to discover the new OS. If it does it on it's own or with me pointing out which partition it's on, doesn't really matter.

    If the above scenario works it would be relatively easy to clone an operating system/partition with Acronis True Image and boot it from OS Selector.

    Now. maybe all my wishes are already granted, Maybe this functionally is already there, but I can't see it. But then again why did the OS Detection Wizard disappear in the OS selector 9.0 ?

    All comments, suggestions, advises and pointers are welcome.
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